After parting from Sanyo Gutierrez at the end of 2020 Franco Stupaczuk joined forces with the Spaniard Alejandro Ruiz.

The Argentinian and the native of Malaga started the year very strong with two finals in the first two tournaments on the World Padel Tour.

For many spectators, this pair was the surprise of the start of the season. Behind, after a more complicated phase, they resumed their march forward, with two Open won out of five finals played in total in 2021. Above all, “El Eachño"And"captain America“Have proven that they are quite capable of knock down the best pairs on the circuit.

We were able to see a Stupa more mature, taking full responsibility for his responsibilities and Alex Ruiz very regular. The duo have often enjoyed public support thanks to their solid playing and good attitude on the track. On a very good dynamic, this pair has been one of the fittest of the season and both players intend to continue their momentum in 2022!

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