Victorious at Roland-Garros and in Madrid, Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria are irresistible. And despite the sequence of tournaments, the number 1s do not slow down.

Indeed, after crushing the young Alonso and Ustero in the round of 6 of the German Open (1/6 1/XNUMX), Ari and Paula delivered another great performance this Friday morning.

Facing Veronica Virseda and Claudia Jensen, who impressed yesterday against the Alayeto twins, Josemaria and Sanchez were very solid to win in two sets: 6/4 6/4.

A success which allows the second most successful pair in history to play a new semi-final, it will be against the winners of the match between Icardo/Riera and Araujo/Salazar, a meeting for which you can follow the evolution of the score via the Marker.

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