The National Padel Cup 2019 is over. But this edition will be remembered. Nearly 500 pairs took part in this competition. Johan Bergeron, the French n ° 1, and Nicolas Trancart, the French n ° 10 returned to this extraordinary event.

We took the opportunity to ask current questions to our two French champions, on this concept of offering flanged P100s, which looks like P50s or even P10s. Tournament categories of padel which do not yet exist, but which are nevertheless set up locally in certain clubs (Tennis Club de Pau, Spoon Center, Esprit Padel…), Until the FFT can officially offer these new formats.

We also returned to the news of these two players and of course the European Championships of padel.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.