Laura Clergue, consultant on Canal Plus and ex-world number 46, likes to share with you the different tips that were passed on to him in Spain on the technical and tactical aspects of padel. After a first tutorial on the service, she wanted to do a tutorial on her favorite move: rolling down the window, better known as Bajada.

These tips can be useful whatever the level, to gain efficiency on the bajada and therefore potentially score points from the back of the field.

There are several styles of bajadas, we think of that of Fernando Belasteguin (rather flat) but also of the knife by Paquito Navarro (to great effect). Formidable weapons from these two stars of the padel, each with a particular technique.

Laura explains to you in this tutorial the most effective window lowering, summarized in 6 tips. She first discusses moving to the ball before suggesting how to adjust just before impact. It is very important to be at the right distance from the ball, she explains how to achieve this easily.

Finally, she gives you tips on the moment of impact so that it is made from top to bottom by transferring the weight of the body into the ball, and ends with advice on her favorite areas on the court to surprise the opponent.

To see the tutorial bajada by Laura, it’s just below: