You now know SOXPRO, these high performance socks from the GEARXPRO brand. Rewarded many times for their quality, they are now recognized as a class 1 medical device!

SoxPro socks padel

A product that protects against injuries

SOXPro socks were created to help the athlete, especially in the injury prevention and recovery. Their superior grip provides unprecedented stability and safety, which reduce impacts and therefore protect athletes from ankle and knee injuries in particular. This is particularly important at padel where the musculoskeletal system is put to the test!

La SOXPro Ultralight, made in Italy and respectful of the environment, has already received the PlusX Award (ergonomics, functionality and superior quality) which rewards innovative products.

In addition, the superior grip of SOXPro products allows less traumatize the muscles, and therefore recover faster, as you can see in the graph below:

SOXPro sock effect on the muscles

Thanks to all these advantages, the products offered by SOXPro, whether they are socks to wear during exercise (Classic, Ultralight, Sprint and Low Cut) which has those for recovery, have been certified Class 1 Medical Device (Class 1 medical device). Proof that they have a head start to prevent athletes from injuring themselves!

Faster on a 5-meter sprint!

We therefore realize that with SOXPro, the athlete reduces his risk of injury and gains in recovery ... and also in performance !

Look at these data from an athlete who made the same effort with and without socks:

SOXPRO sock performance test

You see that at average speed, the athlete wins almost 1km / h on a 5m sprint. Which is huge! On average, it goes 3 hundredths of a second faster than without the socks. (The test was carried out over a series of 9 sprints, carried out under the same conditions).

The example of the 5-meter sprint is particularly interesting for the padel since it is this kind of effort that we make very often, to get a bump, to get a net smash etc. These 3 hundredths can have of paramount importance when handing a ball at the end of the stroke !

Moreover, who says better grip in the shoe says better reactivity on the downforce. When we know their importance padel… Thanks to their grip, they are also very interesting for everyone. physical preparation work indoors or on the track.

SOXPro weight training socks padel

In short, you will understand, SOXPro offers very high quality products that will offer you many advantages on and off the courts!

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