On the sidelines of the Intercontinental Cup Padel 2019 in Dakhla, we took the opportunity to interview the famous Toulouse osteopath and professor of biomechanics at the Toulouse Institute of Osteopathy (ITO): Jean-Luc Charrier.

This specialist in the "knowledge of the movement" and amateur padel returns on the evil that can eat away at athletes and gives us some tips to last.

Beginning of the interview: https://padelmagazine.fr/mieux-jouer-au-padel-plus-longtemps-possible/

Padel Magazine : "Can you tell us a concrete example of injuries during a test?"

Jean-Luc Charrier: "In the padel, we see many athletes have small problems with the physical. For example, she will forgive me I hope (laugh), at the padel Open de France last September, we saw Alix Collombon, the French champion Padel meet some small glitches.

Alix is ​​supposed to have a permanent medical follow-up which normally should allow her to avoid the worries she had on her knee.

Off, obviously, I realized that the supervision and the consultations in the field of osteopathy are certainly not so frequent. Knowing that a sportsman who trains very regularly must see at least once a month an osteopath to optimize postural harmony and work in the most fragile and stressed areas.

I am obviously on Padel Magazine. And I'm glad to see that she is doing well. Congratulations for his career. She seems to have a very intense sporting life. I hope she will preserve herself and that she will be able to make us a beautiful (who is already!) And a long career. "

PM: "So, can the Osteopath better play padel?"

JLC: "It would be pretentious to say that, but in a way: Well in his body, well in his padel, if we stay in the padel.

And sometimes, some athletes may have actions or ways of playing that destroy. My job, it will be here to find once again the best postural solution for the good of the athlete in the short and especially long term. "

PM: "At this Intercontinental Cup, we saw you heal your shoulders ..."

JLC: "A sportsman who comes to see us for a shoulder, the osteopath will try to make a global point on the body to seek with the sportsman, the best postural solution. Sometimes the solution to have a better fluidity in his shot is to work another area.

Sports coaches know it better than anyone: Traveling is very important. The lower limbs are as important as the upper limbs. There is a functional interrelation between all the joints.

In the padel, abrupt and short shifts require proprioception (ability of the joints to inform the brain of various optimal postural solutions).

We must optimize this system because the high level padel is a hyper-physiological context (The articulation is pushed to the extreme and must compensate). The athlete must organize his movements to be less injured, more efficient and better recover afterwards. "

PM: "The multiple world champion padel Argentina, Paula Eyheraguibel has often called on your services ..."

JLC: "She's a great champion. Unfortunately, and she confirmed it to us, her involvement in the padel was not as well followed as the medical part.

I tried to treat Paula Eyheraguibel's lower limb imbalance as a result of Achilles tendon injury. The question that can be asked: Why did his tendon explode?

His training, his heavy physical work took precedence over the preventive aspect of the medical accompaniment.

That is why it is very important to listen to your body so you can last a long time in the most optimal form. In biomechanics, there is body intelligence and movement knowledge. Learning to better position oneself, learning to adapt a shot to one's own physical constraints can play a crucial role in your career. "

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.