All In Padel Sports, located in Bouc-Bel-Air (Aix-en-Provence), has big ambitions. Stéphane Massot's club, which will host a women's and men's P1000 in mid-September, plans to double its number of tracks to reach a total of 12 courts!

“We were pioneers”

Padel Magazine : The club is constantly evolving. Can you give us some figures on the number of players? Do you feel the movement padel is taking for good?

Stéphane Massot "The club has existed for 6 years. It came from a coincidence, because I came from squash. I wanted to join a squash club, but I met a friend who introduced me to the padel and it became a passion. Meetings allowed me to disembark, and to bet on launching myself with the two tracks of padel. I clung to the notoriety of Henri Leconte with whom I worked, and then to the Decathlon village. I was also in my football club which helped me a lot.”

“6 years ago, embarking on the padel… We were pioneers. the padel is now exploding. Two and a half years ago I had 400 members, and today I have 700. Members are not people registered on my reservation database, otherwise I would have 6! The members are either annual subscribers or people who take books of tickets and come regularly to play. To these 000 members, we must add 700 people who come to play every month. Today, we are at total saturation.”

“We have 3 teachers here, the school cannot exceed 80 students, plus all the members! We are full all the time. In all modesty we can say that we are an important club in the Bouches-du-Rhône department.

“It is obvious that the padel explode. All the clubs in the region are doing well. We have a very strong demand which will accelerate further.”

Double the capacity

Padel Magazine : Your club will grow. What is the project in detail?

Stéphane Massot : “The desire to evolve comes from the fact that players need free lanes to play. Then, because we must perpetuate the club, especially for future generations. I'll be retiring next February, so I'm not doing it for myself. It is to allow other people who will come after, including my son.”

“The club started with two pitches and then gradually expanded. Now we are on an extension project which aims to double the capacity of the club. We would therefore go to twelve pitches, nine covered and three outside. The demand today for indoor or outdoor is considerable. I think the indoor demand is 10 times greater than the outdoor demand. I will no longer be doing outdoor courts in the next phases of work.”

All In Padel Sports Bouc Bel Air

Welcome in the best conditions

Padel Magazine : All In Padel will be hosting a P1000 this month. How will the competition go?

Stéphane Massot :“We are going to do a P1000 Men and a P1000 Women at the same time for the first time. The objective is to receive the players in the best conditions. We bring special things."

“We are going to set up a food-truck, we are going to bring in an osteopath to massage the players. We also welcome players with our famous abundance table, and the welcome bag. We also still have our special trophy. We expect 20 pairs for girls and 28 for men.”

Get out of the box

Padel Magazine : What is the club's ambition for the future?

Stéphane Massot :“We are going to do this 3rd phase of work, but the 4th is already in the plans. We are looking forward to try to see how we can make the club more important. The idea is not to get bigger, more powerful. The idea is to give continuity to something that started out of madness.”

"I've always tried to get out of the box and be a forerunner to offer things that are a little different. For example, the club does not have numbered pitches. The lands here have names of goddesses and gods that all start with the A of All-In Padel. For example, you can play on Athena, Ajax or Achilles.”

For more information on the P1000 taking place September 16-18, you can check out the article below.

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