Babolat, an essential name in the world of tennis, unveils its brand new line of palas for the year 2024. This collection, the result of recognized expertise, benefits from a reputation for global excellence, notably thanks to distinguished players such as Juan LeBron, and Virginia Riera.

Under the leadership of Eric Babolat, great-grandson of the founder Pierre Babolat, the company has implemented a unique strategy. It has established headquarters specifically dedicated to different racquet sports in strategic locations with notable influence, with the aim of strengthening its know-how and meeting the specific needs of each sporting community. The world headquarters of tennis, located along the banks of the Saône in Lyon, is the home where Babolat designs its innovations and equipment for tennis players across the globe.

As regards the padel, the headquarters is located in Madrid, in Spain, a city considered the world capital of this sport. This strategic location allows Babolat to be at the heart of the action and develop products that meet the needs of gamers padel. As for badminton, its nerve center is in Shanghai. As one of the world's largest markets for the sport, China offers Babolat an ideal basis for creating innovative and high-performance equipment intended for driving enthusiasts. This policy allows the French brand to understand the subtleties and developments of each sport, to cultivate in-depth local expertise, and to react dynamically to the needs of players in order to nimbly anticipate market trends.

Never change a winning team !

Babolat has prioritized stability for its 2024 range, building on its flagship Veron and Viper models. The company, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary next year, is taking a cautious approach by capitalizing on the strengths of its already popular products to ensure another successful year. The collection does not offer any major disruptions in terms of technology or design, and this approach allows Babolat to focus on improving details and offering ever more reliable and efficient products. We still notice a slight overhaul of the colors and design, while maintaining the consistency of the color codes specific to each reference: red for the Technical, blue for the Air and yellow for the Counter.

I now invite you to discover three models of racquets, each offering two variations adapted to different types of players. A rigid version is particularly recommended for competitors looking for optimal performance and precision. Another more flexible version is also offered. It is perfect for progressing intermediate players, offering appreciable comfort and ease of play.

Veron VS Viper: 2 rooms 2 atmospheres

The Veron range stands out for the incorporation of a medium density Black Eva rubber, which offers players a perfect balance between power and control. Unlike other softer foams, Black Eva provides a more solid and firm feel when striking the ball.

As for the X-Eva, it constitutes the core of the Viper racquets, offering superior rigidity and responsiveness, particularly appreciated by experienced players looking for constant power. This technology incorporates a foam calibrated on 3 levels which merges two distinct types: there are two more rigid outer layers which offer additional power during blows which require more force. and a softer inner layer that absorbs vibrations and allows you to be more precise in delicate shots while maximizing comfort.

Viper racquet rubbers: features and differences

The Viper range offers three specific types of rubbers, each offering unique properties to meet the needs of different playing styles.

  1. 16K coating (Air model) : the stiffest of the three, it is perfect for powerful players looking for optimal precision. More direct and firm feeling when hitting.
  2. 12K coating (Technical model) : slightly less rigid than the 16K, it offers a good balance between power and control Versatile and suitable for a wide range of players.
  3. 3K coating (Counter model) : the least rigid of the three, it offers greater comfort and better ball release. Perfect for players looking for maximum sensation and touch.

The Veron CarbonFlex

On the other hand, Veron rackets benefit from a unique coating, a mixture of carbon and fiberglass. This is CarbonFlex, a mixed composition that combines the power and stiffness of carbon fiber with the flexibility and comfort of fiberglass. This combination offers many advantages to players of padel :

  1. Versatility and balance : the mixture of the two fibers achieves a good balance between power and control, making the Veron suitable for a wide range of players, from beginners to advanced players. This versatility allows players to play with different styles and adapt to different playing situations.
  2. Comfort and tolerance : fiberglass provides a certain flexibility to the racket, which reduces vibrations and arm fatigue when hitting. This makes hitting more comfortable, even for players with arm problems. The flexibility also provides better forgiveness for off-center hits, which is important for players who don't always hit the ball in the center of the sweet-spot.
  3. Power and performance : carbon fiber provides optimal rigidity to the racket, which helps generate explosive power during powerful shots. This power is of paramount importance for players looking to influence and increase their accuracy. .Fiberglass maximizes ball output and increases elasticity.

Specific racket architectures

Veron Viper Family

Staying true to tradition, the Technical version adopts a diamond shape, a symbol of raw power and maximum impact. Its high balance guarantees heavy strikes, perfect for devastating precision and efficiency. This familiar configuration is a real advantage for offensive players seeking authority and surgical precision.

The Air reference, the lightest in the range, stands out with an innovative hybrid shape. By skillfully merging the water drop and the diamond, it offers exceptional maneuverability and remarkable speed of execution. Perfectly suited to agile and precise players looking for a pala that is both docile and powerful.

Renowned for its forgiveness and comfort, the Counter version features an eye-catching hybrid shape. This harmonious fusion between the round shape and the water drop extends the optimal hitting zone while maintaining substantial maneuverability. A valuable ally for players looking for maximum comfort and security.

The unique shapes of the Air and Counter models stand out from traditional standards by offering divergent geometries. Although their appearance may be surprising at first glance, their unique characteristic adds an additional dimension of curiosity for those who discover these models.

By combining the three shapes with the two levels of rubber density, you obtain six original rackets that will meet the needs of all players. With this complete range, Babolat guarantees that every player will be able to find the ideal pala matching their skills. If selecting a racket padel may seem elementary at first glance, it is not in reality. Behind each model lies a universe of unique sensations and performances, closely linked to your style of play. Choosing the right racket is therefore an imperative step to fully exploit your potential on the court.

In a future report, I will look at an in-depth comparative analysis of the six Veron and Viper pala models. My objective will be to compare the technical characteristics of each model to the reality on the ground, by testing and comparing them in a real playing situation. This comparison will highlight the strong points and weak points of each racket, and determine which one is best suited to each style of play and each level of practice.

I am confident that this file will be a valuable resource for players of padel who are looking for the racket Babolat ideal for propelling their game to new heights. Stay tuned for the upcoming publication of this file!

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!