Let's continue our exploring the Vertex folder with the third model in the series, soberly called W (Woman), which refers to women.

Vertex 04 W: light, but powerful!

This racket is truly magnificent, and you will see that it has some interesting properties to highlight. The main feature that sets the Vertex 04 W apart is the combination of extremely light weight combined with a diamond shape, usually implying an upward balance. Usually, this type of association is quite rare, because rackets favoring lightness are most often round or teardrop format. However, when it comes to palas aimed at women, adding a little more weight to the head provides a boost of power, especially useful when overt force needs to be exerted.

Bullpadel has perfectly understood the particular requirements of female players by offering rackets specific to their style of play, such as the Flow (Salazar), the Elite (Triay), and the famous Vertex W (Brea and Araujo). These champions, for many years, have deliberately abandoned the round shape, in accordance with the reasons mentioned above. Even right-wing players like Delfi Brea and Ale Salazar have expressed a desire to have signature racquets built to specifications that allow them to generate less effort while still enjoying some power.

Technologies in chaos

The Vertex 04 W is no exception to the rule and remains faithful to the spirit of the Vertex series, focused on power and, in the case of this model, on maneuverability. It integrates all of the technologies present in the alternative versions that I recently had the opportunity to test, with the exception of the VibraDrive system and the Hesacore grip. The weight reduction of approximately 15 grams aims to improve the handling of the racket, thus making its use less restrictive, particularly for women.

The second significant modification concerns the racket surfaces, featuring Fibrix technology, an ingenious combination of X-Glass fiberglass and carbon aimed at combining the advantages of both materials. The carbon is intended to increase power and strength, while the fiberglass provides additional comfort and elasticity. This hybrid coating is particularly beneficial during games in cold weather, as it not only offers improved comfort and ball release, but also an expansion of the sweet-spot. According to the discussions I had with the engineers at Bullpadel, the design of Fibrix relies on a particular balance, and unfortunately, the details of this precise dosage must remain confidential.

A complete package

When it comes to fundamentals, the MultiEva core still dictates the pace, with its dual-density formula developed by Bullpadel, which integrates a combination of soft and hard foams at the heart of the racket, thus providing players with the advantages of both rubber compactions. As you can imagine, this formulation was designed with the ultimate goal of achieving the optimal balance between handling, comfort and power, suitable for any intensity of play.

The racket is equipped with TopSpin on the faces, the CustomWeight system to personalize the balance, the Vertex core to minimize twists and increase rigidity, the CarbonTube for increased responsiveness, and finally, the Curvaktiv + Air Power combination for benefit from an optimal air penetration coefficient. It is important to mention that the Hesacore is not included as standard, but the initial grip represents the pinnacle in terms of ergonomics and comfort, without being excessively thick so as not to annoy small hands. The length of the handle is average, and the padded wrist strap is always beneficial to wear.

This set therefore constitutes the extremely complete package of this superb racket. The color combination is truly stunning, with charcoal gray dominating most of the frame, in perfect harmony with the logo's calming sea green tone that helps balance the whole look. The base and top of the sieve are coated in a smooth, glossy finish, highlighting key information, Delfi Brea's signature is featured on the bottom right of the frame, while the pearly white Vertex heart completes definitely this style that I found particularly attractive.


However, it was during the game that I was most impressed. Although it cannot compete in terms of raw power with the reference Vertex 04, it offers notable hitting comfort and exceptional maneuverability at the net. Its lightness therefore limits the offensive potential, which can be a disadvantage for those looking for characteristics linked to chaos (but for this they will turn to heavier models), and this deficiency can be easily corrected by installing the metal plates provided on the top of the sieve, thus delivering increased power for a more powerful game.

I also noted that the sweet spot was slightly larger compared to the two Vertex 04s I had previously reviewed, thanks to the incorporation of fiberglass into the faces, which also brings significant changes to the level comfort and tolerance. However, rest assured: you will still have more than enough power for the vast majority of people opting for this model.

Its secondary advantage is that it is also very effective in defense. The MultiEva/Fibrix combination produces exceptional results and significant ball release, and I experienced no difficulty redirecting the ball when faced with complex defensive situations, due to the remarkable maneuverability and ease with which we can move this racket. This is a very docile pala, and despite its diamond form, it reacts in surprising ways when you are furiously attacked by the opposing team.

Vertex 04 W vs Vertex 04 CMF

I also had the opportunity to put this W in competition with Martin Di Nenno's racket, the Comfort version (CMF), and this aroused some excitement in me. This is a pala equipped with the same technologies as the W, but with a higher weight, specifically readjusted towards the top of the frame. The result is significantly more imposing power with still excellent typing comfort and remarkable maneuverability. This model, proving more versatile than the classic Vertex and more powerful than the W series, thus emerges as a real Swiss army knife which merges all the advantages of the other models mentioned previously, while attenuating the latent imperfections. I must admit that it is truly my favorite among the Vertex versions.


In summary, the Woman name inspires great confidence during fast sequences of play, offering a feeling of domination rarely equaled while maintaining notable efficiency to finish points with panache. This exceptional control is made possible thanks to its featherweight, high-performance MultiEva core in all playing situations, and the Fibrix coating which combines comfort and ball responsiveness. Despite its dynamics, precision, maneuverability and lightness, we note that its stability can be put to the test during vigorous attacks from your opponents. It is also interesting to point out that this racket, integrated into the Vertex range, should not be considered limited primarily to women due to its Woman label. Its versatile aesthetic, its lightness and its surprising power make it perfectly suited to the male public who are looking for a pala that is very easy to handle while being extremely impactful.

The reference used by Martin Di Nenno has obvious similarities, but it is adapted to an audience looking for a heavier weight in order to obtain more power and stability. This results in a racket perfectly calibrated for wait-and-see right-handed players or fast-moving left-handed players, offering exceptional strike quality thanks to the Fibrix which really makes the difference. Although it is less powerful than the 04 classic and Hybrid models, it will suit players looking for absolute versatility that can make all the difference depending on their playing style.

Thanks to their increased hitting comfort, their optimal ball release, their striking maneuverability and their amplified sweet-spot, these two W and CMF racquets are recommended for tennis players. padel experienced riders looking for a well-balanced diamond shape, offering controllable power and less decisive characteristics than those of stiffer models.

Don't forget, very soon, I will share my impressions of the entire Hack 03 family. I will also make a comparison between the three women's models, and of course, I will devote particular attention to the brand new Neuron!

Stéphane Penso

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