OxDog Padel, the division padel from the Swedish giant OxDog, made a notable entry into the racket market in 2022.

The company is a leader in the production of football sticks Floorball, a sport played with a stick and a ball, without skates. It was founded in 1998 and exports its products to more than 30 countries. The first collection of snowshoes padel byOxDog was highly acclaimed for its minimalist design, its innovative concepts and the care taken in the selection of references. Regarding technologies, OxDog has introduced several innovations aimed at providing players with optimal control, increased power and improved comfort. In terms of segmentation, the company offers three ranges of racquets, thus meeting the varied needs of all types of players.

I had the chance to spend a whole day in the company of two excellent sparring partners Enzo and Bastian, as well as with Greg, the distributor ofOxDog for France and Belgium. During this day, we carefully evaluated no less than 12 rackets, with the aim of providing you with the most precise summary possible.

One of the lowest after-sales service rates on the market

From first impressions, the quality and robustness are evident. Greg also confirmed that the after-sales service rate is one of the lowest on the market, thus providing a certain peace of mind, especially when considering investing a certain amount in the purchase of 'a racket padel.

Second point to emphasize, the range is extremely complete, not so much in terms of the profiles which remain classic and which you all know – 6 in diamond (Ultimate), 3 in teardrop (Hyper 2.0) and 3 in round shape (Sense ) – but especially in terms of foam density and weight.

The heart of the racket, embodied by the foam, truly constitutes its nerve center. This is the material located inside the screen, covering almost the entire striking area. It plays a determining role in the control, power and comfort of the racket. This central component of the equipment makes it a crucial element to take into account when acquiring a racket, highlighting the importance of rigidity.

Four foam densities

It is essential to understand the nuances of firmness in order to choose a racquet that perfectly fits your playing style. Oxdog, you can choose from four foam densities (which is not common).

The Hard is the firmest and is used exclusively in a single model in the range, the one which is both the heaviest and the most powerful (Ultimate Pro+).

Then there is the Medium+, slightly less responsive than the Hard, but nevertheless still very rigid!

It is followed by the Medium, which offers an intermediate sensation that is satisfactory for most players.

Finally, the Soft offers a welcoming and comfortable touch, with a grandiose ball exit.

Compared to the previous year, the range is expanded with the addition of a new name “Light”, integrated into two references, one in the shape of a diamond and the other in a round shape.

Let's take a closer look at the models that I particularly appreciated, in collaboration with my partners of the day, and demonstrating, as usual, total objectivity.

Number 4: the Sense Tour

The fourth reference which took its place on this slightly widened podium for the occasion is the Sense Tour. The Sense nomenclatures are distinguished by their round shape, and the Tour, with its medium balance and Medium rubber, is the one that most captivated my attention.

I preferred it to its big sister Pro, which has a harder rubber and a balanced head, as well as its little sister, the Light Match, which turns out to be too light once you have a good level , and less powerful with the presence of fiberglass on its faces.

The Sense Tour stands out for its exceptional maneuverability, rare power for a round shape, and perfect balance. It is the ideal ally for those who wish to start in the padel or perfect their game with a perfectly controllable racket with a generous sweet spot and excellent defensive capabilities.

Number 3: the Ultimate Court

In third place, I selected the Ultimate Court, which is actually the same model as the Sense Tour (I hope I haven't lost you), but with a diamond format and a multi-layer R700 composite surface.

The weight and foam are the same, but the balance is oriented more towards the racket head, making it less maneuverable, but slightly more comfortable than the round shape. I particularly liked this reference because usually diamond racquets tend to have a rather small sweet spot, but on this model it is quite generous. In addition, stability has been slightly increased, and ball release quality remains consistent, thanks to the addition of fiberglass to the faces, making it a wise option for attackers with elbow problems. and all those who tend to excessively off-center their strikes.

Whether you are an intermediate level or an experienced player, this Ultimate Court racket will perform well, especially in rather cold winter playing conditions.

Number 2: Hyper Pro 2.0

In second position is the Hyper Pro 2.0, a model with a water drop format that has captivated the majority of players. This racket stands out for its very aggressive character, thanks to its dense Medium+ rubber, a balance oriented towards the racket head, infallible responsiveness and a Sweet spot still quite substantial. We try to find faults in it, but the search remains in vain as this pala was unanimously unanimous.

Extremely efficient in intense phases and in aerial play, it proves to be imperial in terms of precision and stability. This reference is specially designed for experienced players, whether they play on the right or on the left, looking for an exceptionally complete pala both in defense and attack, and who favor vigorous play.

Number 1: the Ultimate Pro Light

On the top step of the podium, I present the Ultimate Pro Light. If you've been following closely so far, this is one of two models sporting the “Light” designation, but this time in a diamond format.

I had in my hands a racket that was extremely light while still being incredibly powerful. Usually this combination is not ideal, but today it is undeniable that the engineers ofOxDog have managed to merge these two characteristics to create a model that is surprisingly maneuverable and powerful.

Suffice to say that on the fly during intensive phases of play, it is a real pleasure to play with this racket, as the maneuverability and responsiveness are there. The Medium+ rubber takes its toll, and the balance at the head further accentuates the effect of gravity.

However, the other side of the coin manifests itself in a lack of stability during large strikes from your opponents and a punto sweet quite reduced. Players looking for all-out power may opt for the Ultimate Pro+ model, 20 grams heavier and with even stiffer rubber. Unfortunately, this will come at the expense of maneuverability, with a sweet spot even more restricted and a certain apprehension during ultra-defensive phases of play.

High-level technologies

All these rackets benefit from proven technologies since last season.

Vibra Damp : system used in the grip area in order to absorb vibrations. First, the carbon used in this part has a layer of fiberglass. Next, four guides covered with silicone strips were included. Finally, there is a double-sided handle with an EVA rubber part in the center.

SilentSpeed : The sound when hitting the ball is significantly lower. The combination of carbon with railed frames means the racquet doesn't make as much noise, especially on diamond shaped palas.

HES-Carbon : this unique carbon reacts more quickly and transfers maximum energy in speed and power, in addition to providing increased durability. The unique carbon and resin manufacturing process Oxdog optimizes fiber performance and is particularly effective in extreme blows.

Power Ribs : these are rails that penetrate the frame of the racket and help to homogenize its surface as much as possible, reducing vibrations when hitting the ball and thus widening the sweet-spot.

Dural Molded : With a focus on the tooling and production process, frames deliver class-leading performance and durability, PowerRibs™ optimize them even further.

DSH Double Size Holes : Double diameter drilling system in which the holes closest to the frame are larger than those in the center of the racquet, which allows to widen the sweet-spot.

RBS : the 8 g stainless steel weight located on the handle can be removed very easily using a screwdriver and allows those who wish to modify the balance point.

And the real innovation this season is theOptiweight, which consists of an innovative system allowing players to easily adjust the weight and balance of their rackets using removable parts. This exclusive personalization technology, developed by Oxdog, aims to increase the performance of players by optimizing their way of playing, according to their choices and playing conditions. Depending on your preferences in terms of balance, you have the flexibility to position the plastic support (3,3, 4 gr) at the top or sides of the racket. For even further customization, two weight categories are available, namely 7,5 gr and XNUMX gr.


The Swedish firm, under the advice of the legend of padel Ramiro Choya, is progressing in a promising way, and it is obvious that she will play leading roles in the years to come. The rackets are meticulously designed, made from premium materials, and they guarantee exceptional reliability and performance.

Furthermore, the company pays particular attention to research and development, partnerships and sponsorship. The technologies implemented are all coherent, aligning perfectly to develop the products in a progressive but assured manner.

I would like to thank Greg from Oxdog Padel, which gives me the opportunity to preview the next collections, and with whom I have established many links over the past year.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!