After sifting through the palas in the shape of guide as well as water drop, Stéphane Penso tackles the last category of palas Oxdog : those of round shape.

Last part of the file OxDog, with today in sight the three models in round format. As usual, the Nordic company declines the Sense series by three terms that we are beginning to know, namely Pro, Match & Tour.

In the padel Currently, it is not uncommon to see left-wing players develop a very aggressive game with round/hybrid shapes.

Miguel Lamperti, Agustin Tapia, Alex Ruiz are not part of the majority, but they have decided to play with a pala which benefits from a balance brought back to the heart in order to be more reactive and efficient in defense, while not sacrificing only a few percentage damage in attack.

OxDog got the message and decided to develop a round racket labeled “fastest in world".

Indeed, the bet has been met brilliantly, and we will start with the reference Sense Pro.

Sense Pro

If you have acquired the vocabulary adopted by the Swedish brand, the variation Pro displays very specific characteristics, namely a reference focused on attack, with the singularity of a high balance and a hard compound.

All the technologies deployed on the other shapes have been reincorporated so as not to make anyone jealous, and it is clear that the high balance/stiffness combination is a combination favored by players of an excellent level, who want to benefit from the advantages of round format without sacrificing certain elements found on larger formats.

In game, it is a very reactive pala with excellent control, and which does not lack assets to finish the points with panache.

She is not at all picky against diamond formats cut for the thrust, and is much more efficient in the very fast phases of play and boiling defenses.

With a white color embellished with a cream/ivory tone that goes everywhere, the cosmetics are discreet and uncluttered.


Now on to the SenseMatch, a reference that will have a slightly softer rubber and a medium balance.

It's a pala that has a slightly wider sweet-spot and will be more manageable than the Pro version, thanks to a readjusted balance, which is very noticeable in game.

Slightly less powerful but even more accommodating, she wants to be very comfortable at the net, without noticeable loss of power when finishing the points.

You can feel the ball hitting the faces better, the comfort is amplified, and believe me, it doesn't lack the punch to compete with the Ultimate and Hyper denominations.

Concerning cosmetics, it is the most shimmering, with this azure blue theme of the most beautiful effect embellished with a classic white concerning the logo.

Sense Tour

Last pala to pass on the grill, the Sense Tour will be the preferred reference for beginners and intermediate levels, thanks to a soft foam and the integration of Composite in its faces, a material less intractable and strict than carbon.

Similar to fiberglass, this material offers increased ball output, an even wider sweet spot, and unparalleled hitting comfort.

Of course, you have a racquet that is much less powerful than the rest of the range, but with monumental tolerance.

The balance is always median (OxDog hasn't produced any racquets with a really low/handle balance), which will give you a little extra boost in stability.

In terms of looks, it is differentiated by the use of a slightly brighter gold/pastel than what is found on the Sense Pro, while keeping a white base.


These three references will satisfy all players looking for maneuverability while benefiting from an obvious bite.

All three flashed at 365gr, they are focused on maneuverability, but they are also comfortable when boarding. Make no mistake, with their strong character, they have watts to spare.

On these round formats, the PowerRibs on the tubular are positioned as close as possible to the deck, in order to maximize manoeuvrability.

And of course, we always find the very interesting system that is the RBS (Racket Balance System), which will allow you to gain power by removing the eight-gram plate located under the handle.

The Sense Pro, is perfect for pros, who want a responsive and powerful pala.

La Match is aimed at the undecided, those looking for a more docile rubber and a corrected balance.

and Tour is made for those who value hitting comfort, forgiveness and ball output. This last reference will also be offered to all those who suffer from elbow pain.

Thanks to Greg from OxDog Belgium/France for exchange and sharing, discussing with a passionate professional is always very instructive, and Julian of the Padelerie in Gémenos for the loan of the palas!

Technologies Oxdog

As a reminder, here are the technologies used by the brand:

  • Vibra Damp : technology used in the grip area in order to absorb vibrations. First, the carbon used in this piece has a layer of fiberglass. Then four guides covered with silicone strips were included. Finally, there is a double-sided handle with an EVA rubber part in the center.
  • Silent Speed : The sound when hitting the ball is significantly lower. The combination of carbon with railed frames means the racquet doesn't make as much noise, especially on diamond shaped palas.
  • Power Ribs™: these are rails that penetrate the frame of the racquet and help to homogenize its surface as much as possible, reducing vibrations when hitting the ball and thus widening the sweet-spot.
  • HES-Carbon : this unique carbon reacts more quickly and transfers maximum energy in speed and power, in addition to providing increased durability. The unique carbon and resin manufacturing process Oxdog optimizes fiber performance and is particularly effective in extreme blows.
  • Dural Molded : With a focus on the tooling and production process, frames deliver class-leading performance and durability, PowerRibs™ optimize them even further.
  • DSH Dual : Double diameter drilling system in which the holes closest to the frame are larger than those in the center of the racquet, which allows to widen the sweet-spot.
  • RBS – The 8gr stainless steel weight located in the handle can be removed very easily using a screwdriver and allows those who wish to modify the point of balance.
Stéphane Penso

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