After his test of the Piton 11 and Hurricane Pro, Stéphane Penso is continuing to test the 2023 range from Black Crown. For the second part of the review of the latest models received, let's focus on the two most extreme references in the range Black Crown : the softest and the hardest.


This teardrop pala has been designed to meet the needs of players looking for improved hitting comfort as well as a fairly solid offensive dimension thanks to sustained balance. This racquet offers robust hitting power while maintaining excellent comfort thanks to the SC White Eva core.

The 3K aluminum fiber striking faces provide a soft and springy feel, combined with the three layers of Low Density PitonGlass fiberglass. The result is better vibration absorption and spectacular ball output.

Plus, the SandSpin rough surface makes it easier to spin, and the Extended Sweetspot technology expands the sweet spot for more confidence on off-center hits. The tubular is made of 50% carbon for greater flexibility.

The racket is also equipped with the Ergonomic HandGrip with 3D relief for better grip and high comfort. The handle is in the low average and the wrist strap is padded.

When used in play, the racquet offers surprising comfort and exceptional ball output, with a trampoline effect that works wonderfully well for defensive or offensive shots.

Piton Attack 16K

The Piton has a teardrop shape with a slightly elevated balance for extra power, to meet the needs of players who prefer a harder racquet for more power in their attack shots.

The Ergonomic HandGrip technology allows a comfortable grip for prolonged use and the SandSpin sandblasting on the faces is still relevant.

The racquet is made with the famous super soft SC White Eva rubber core, an 80% carbon frame, two sheets of PitonGlass fiberglass and a final layer of 16K carbon, which increases power and durability. The length of the handle is quite short and the wrist strap quite simple.

This racquet is destined to go up in the towers, because its 16 K coating allows you to make dry and clean strikes. The sweet spot is not altered, which is an excellent thing when you know the density of carbon fiber exhibited.
On the track, it's a pala that allows you to beat hard while keeping a convincing hitting comfort and providing honest maneuverability.


In conclusion, there are two different references: the Special Soft for players looking for comfort, forgiveness and incredible ball output, and the Piton 16 K for players aiming for precision and flawless responsiveness, as well as high performance in powerful shots.

Special thanks French Padel Shop (Manu, Fred and Régis) for sending me these models.

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Valid on Piton11, Piton 11 soft, Hurricane Pro 2.0, Hurricane 2.0, Piton Attack 16k and Special soft 2023

Stéphane Penso

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