So many rumors have been growing since September on the professional circuit. Lebron and Galan will they separate? Sanyo is he really going to play with it Paquito, White with Capra ? Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz will they continue together after an inconclusive year?

Obviously, the two players would like to continue the adventure together, but one thing could change everything... And this data is called Lebron/Galan. Alex Ruiz raised the subject with the Spanish newspaper Diario AS.

Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello, the mixed season

Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz probably did not have the season they hoped for. This team, which we saw as promising during its association, did not really convince. We will remember the final at the Málaga Open in July and then, not much else.

A series of eliminations in the first round, obvious flaws against the other top seeds, the two gunners simply cannot do it. However, despite this complicated first season, Alex Ruiz confirmed he wants to play the 2024 season alongside Juan Tello. Even if he cannot guarantee anything yet: “I can't say 100% at the moment, although maybe it will become clearer after Milan. I know it's late, but this year things are happening like this."

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"We talked a few weeks ago, the three of us, [Juan] Tello, me, and [Rodrigo] Ovide, the coach. And it seems good to us to continue the project“, he reported to the Spanish newspaper. Nevertheless, Captain America found it necessary to add this "All projects depend on what Lebron and Galán decide, because they are a bit of the key".

Lebron and Galan: the key to an entire system?

All eyes are on the former world number 1s. Indeed, Juan and Ale maintain the mystery of a possible separation. If Galan already talked about it a little, nothing is certain yet. Therefore, Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz, like many others, cannot yet predict next year. "If they break up and they call Juan or me, well, we're not going to say no to Lebron or Galan“, admits Alex Ruiz.

As a result, we can't really know what will happen for Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello, until Lebron and Galan have made their decision. Especially that, taking into account the ranking that the former WPT numbers 1 will have next season , others will have a lot to gain to associate with one or the other if they were to separate.

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For the moment, it is impossible to know if Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz will continue together next season, even if both players seem to want to continue, it all depends on Lebron and Galan's decision. Obviously, if the two Spaniards decide to stay together, Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz should do the same…

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