La famous Spanish company Black Crown concludes the year of testing with Padel Magazine by updating one of its emblematic references which helped to forge its reputation: the famous Piton.

The latter is now in its 12th edition, and the Spanish brand remains faithful to its roots by retaining the round format which has won over a large audience.

This feature continues to attract various players due to its legendary versatility, but not only.


The Piton range persists from year to year, supported by unanimous support from players looking for an extremely manageable pala with optimal balance while offering “volcanic” power.

We will examine in depth the three versions which I inspected carefully for more than a month, in order to reveal to you all the manufacturing methods and to highlight the subtleties that distinguish them from each other.

Piton Premium: comfort and maneuverability for everyone

Unlike numbered versions, this reference does not claim to be a 12th edition.

It stands out for its wiser character, displaying a high-end aesthetic and specific features focused on versatility rather than aggressiveness.

The base of the racket adopts a black tint, a neutral color that harmonizes with all styles.

On the other hand, the border surrounding the frame of the racket exploits a combination of gold and platinum gray tones, also present at the base of the headpiece, thus adding a touch of elegance and luxury that is sure to attract attention.

The logo Black Crown, with copper contours, is enriched with visible carbon, creating perfect harmony with the nuances mentioned previously.

The refined contrast between these colors gives the racket a modern and distinctive look, thus offering a unique and easily recognizable look.

As far as the core is concerned, we stay on a foam Power Soft Memory White Eva, an ultra-fast recovery rubber, offering a medium feel at impact. It is coated with two layers of high-durability reinforced fiberglass Low Density Piton Glass, a more elastic and flexible material, which guarantees excellent ball exit, a generous sweet spot and amplified vibration absorption.

The final touch is provided by a layer of 3K carbon fiber, completing the package to ensure the necessary responsiveness, as well as a rough SandSpin surface to create more spin.
The structure of its 2TB Air frame, composed of 80% carbon and 20% fiberglass, offers the frame appreciable rigidity and excellent resistance, while maintaining a certain comfort.

On the court, this racket stands out for its breathtaking maneuverability, providing a solid foundation for reliable defenses and secure strikes in optimal conditions.

At the net, it proves very docile for low and medium intensity shots, although its dynamism and punch can be slightly lacking during the finishing phases.

Overall, this is a pleasant, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing racquet, which will delight right-handed players looking for a welcoming feel, as well as those suffering from elbow problems.

Piton 12: controlled power

This racket maintains PSM foam, but now uses the Black Eva for additional rigidity, providing a firmer touch.

It retains the two layers of Piton Glass fiberglass, but benefits from a new 18K carbon fiber finish on its faces.

This addition reinforces the strength and rigidity needed to finish points with vigor, although the sweet spot is slightly reduced.

It should be noted that the remarkable handling persists thanks to an ideally calibrated balance. The combination of a sufficiently dense rubber and a robust coating gives the racket exceptional responsiveness on the fly and phenomenal power during offensive phases, which is all the more remarkable given its round shape.

She could just encounter some difficulties in the defensive phases due to reduced ball output, but this remains anecdotal.

The 2TB full carbon frame will also provide an extra dose of rigidity, minimizing deformation during powerful hits, while the faces still retain that sandblasted effect.

Presenting a chromatic duality combining black, a symbol of authority, and lava red, evoking danger, this reference, even in its color palette, announces an explosive character that must be controlled.

The presence of visible carbon arranged in a checkerboard pattern brings a touch of modernity and further accentuates the general aesthetic.

On the court, this racket proves to be a powerful weapon of destruction, unapologetically rivaling diamond formats in terms of raw force, while offering exceptional maneuverability.

This pala is designed more for left-handed players than right-handed players, who are looking for a malleable reference while benefiting from a considerable power reserve.

Piton 12 Silver: the apogee of the two universes

This variant is closely based on the classic Piton 12 that we mentioned previously, with the notable difference that it incorporates 18K Aluminized carbon fiber on its faces.

Piton-12-Silver Black Crown

This 18 K Silver fiber constitutes a composite material combining carbon fiber interwoven with aluminum fiber, appreciated for its exceptional lightness and its remarkable resistance to temperature variations.

The combination of these materials creates a delicate fusion between resistance and comfort, guaranteeing constant performance, whatever the climatic conditions you may face during the different periods of the year.

From an aesthetic point of view, black remains a constant, while azure blue makes its entrance on the contours, enveloping the logo associated with a vibrant shade of light gray.

I noticed that this reference displays a slightly lower power than that of the classic Piton 12, while positioning itself precisely, in terms of responsiveness, between the two models previously mentioned.

I particularly appreciated this model, especially given the tests carried out in the middle of winter, and it is plausible that the standard Piton 12 could present more obvious offensive advantages in the middle of summer.


Black Crown continues to capitalize on this fabulous nomenclature by taking advantage of proven technologies while integrating judicious associations.

The DNA of this racquet is preserved, offering exceptional maneuverability and impressive power.

These models will captivate a growing audience, particularly those who are tired of the demands of restrictive formats, difficult to master hitting zones, disproportionate balances and limited sweet spots.

The Piton Premium stands out as the most accessible and comfortable, the 12 version as the most powerful and responsive, while the Silver combines the best of both worlds by offering a racket free from any defects.

It should be noted that for these 3 palas, the length of the handle is average, and the strap is very simple.

I would like to warmly thank Jordi Ravirosa, the founder of Black Crown, who sent these three references exclusively to Padel Magazine, and also salute his dedication and professionalism in quickly answering all my questions.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!