I am going to talk to you today about a fairly young and atypical company, which stands out for the quality of the materials they select, for the marriage of sophisticated components and for the astonishing performance that the products of this brand give to the use. Iberian brand.

Cartri, a unique brand

Antonio Martins, founder of CARTRI Padel, chairs this company with a Portuguese soul but established in Spain for many years.

Hardworking, very active and always looking for innovative solutions and new associations, someone who is not afraid to travel thousands of kilometers a year to praise his products around the globe is a visionary who likes to shock and revolutionize.

Its commercial strategy has therefore naturally opted for “100% Made in Spain” production (for the Premium lines).

As he puts it so well: "Quality, support for local production or the promotion of Spanish industry are non-negotiable pillars for Cartri and, therefore, our commitment to “Made in Spain” contains more value and meaning. All our premium rackets are therefore handcrafted in Spain, with human quality control at each stage of production ”

Palas with unusual shapes and confusing cosmetics amuse this iconic CEO who has the ambition to conquer the world after only 6 years of existence.

So I had the immense privilege of receive 3 models that I will reveal to you in the coming weeks: the Knife, the Tamarit, and the Wolf.

Cartri Knife Tamarit Wolf track padel

Today we start with the first: the Cartri Knife !

An extremely broad Sweet-spot

From the Pro series with a contemporary look, this racquet classified as a teardrop (but which for me tends more towards a diamond shape, or at least hybrid) stunned me when I got it in my hand.

With 350 grams on the counter at surprisingly centered balance, it is quite simply the lightest pala that I have had the opportunity to test.

Cartri Knife Weight 350g

100% carbon frame for more strength, Evasoft 30 medium density core for a very present comfort, glossy lacquer for notable strikes, and on the sides a mix of glass fibers, aluminum and carbon fiber.

The combination of all these components provides an extremely enlarged sweet-spot that takes up 3/4 of the sieve.

Controllable power

Cartri Knife Pub 2021

Ideal frame for those who are looking for a model with exceptional handling with a controllable power despite the low weight recorded. The sound on furious strikes is something that surprised me as well.

The resonance is almost nonexistent and the tone surprisingly neutral, as are the vibrations which are very well contained. Surely the result of the new BlkEva process, which is a special type of eraser providing extra touch and increasing control in the game.

I must admit that I was completely taken aback at the beginning but after a few minutes of play, we no longer pay attention to this peculiarity. It should be noted that this Knife is also equipped with CorePtx and CKTS, 2 new features which increase the feeling of play and increase the lifespan of the frame.

After a few vigorous sets, we can deduce that the Knife is a racquet that will delight the intermediate player with its disconcerting docility. It can also be recommended for players of higher levels because it encourages the development of a game of waiting and precision, while benefiting from a unique typing comfort. Nonetheless, I would advise against it for those looking for torrential power despite its shape, smooth faces and average balance.

The sliding strap is a nice addition and the cosmetics in dark gray, mint green and mustard yellow tones give it a very attractive electrifying design.

Sold at around 234 €, it is a model that has undeniable advantages and that will delight players looking for a very versatile racquet!

Thanks to the French team Padel Shop (aKa Manu Garcia & Julien Pes) and to Vincent Brunet for being able to allow me to test the models of this brand which, for me, is emblematic.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!