With the superb victory of the Hispano-Argentinian pair at the WPT Brussels Open, the first place in the world is already in the sights of Coello / Tapia. Lebrón and Galán can already shake.

Exceptional performance

The performance of this association is almost beyond comprehension. It's simple, apart from this defeat in the Qatar Major final against Stupa and Di Nenno, Arturo and Agustin win everything.

6 tournaments of World Padel Tour, 6 victories: the two players are on cloud nine, as evidenced by this indisputable first place in the Race.

In the general classification of World Padel Tour, the 2nd world pair now has 30 points.

Lebron / Galan: a difficult start

Lebrón and Galán have had a complicated start to the season, marked by two defeats in the final against Coello/Tapia…but also by numerous injuries.

First, that of Galan to start the South American tour and then this famous arm of Juan Lebron which forced the first world pair to forfeit in Belgium.

With 30 points on the clock, Mariano Amat's players have no choice but to do the job at the next Vigo Open in 830 weeks. But it will depend on the state of form of the two players and in particular on the arm of Juan Lebrón.

If his problems continue, Ale Galan may need to find another partner to play, stay on the pace and pick up valuable points to maintain a small lead over Coello and Tapia.


  1. Galán-Lebron: 30 points
  2. Tapia-Coello: 30 points

Only 535 points separate the two pairs. Fortunately for them, the current numbers 1 have only 170 points to defend in May, they who lost in the quarter-finals last year in Denmark. For their current biggest rivals, it's a little different since while Coello had also lost at this stage of the competition, Tapia had won the tournament with Sanyo. He therefore has 1000 points to defend! If they participate in the Vigo tournament, and they do not experience a premature elimination, the Spaniards therefore have a good chance of keeping their place. But until when ?

As you will have understood, the fight is raging between the two pairs, and the transfer of power could happen sooner than we might have thought!

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.