Kuikma offers quality snowshoes at an affordable price. The Decathlon brand has added models to try to offer the most complete range possible.

Decathlon offers, up to 2021, two brands for its padel rackets: Artengo for the initiation part and Kuikma for the experts, and now for the intermediate range.

Until now, Kuikma has offered 2 high-end racket models available in 4 palas: two in round shape, the “Precision”, and two in diamond shape, the “Power”. With two hardnesses for each. A range that had the advantage of being very readable for consumers, but maybe a little limited.

The brand immediately remedied this problem by offering a third high-end model for 2020: the PR 990 Hybrid, in drop shape. This racket, also available in Hard version and Soft version, has, like the other palas in the range, EVA foam, 12k carbon and a rough surface. She is the perfect compromise between Precision and Power. We congratulate Kuikma who offers a full range, readable, of quality, and at affordable prices.

The other novelty is therefore the attachment of the intermediate range to Kuikma. The brand will therefore offer three models, the PR 530, the PR 560, and the PR 590, for prices between 45 and 70 €. You will have, as on several models of the brand, the possibility to choose between two colors. And you will also benefit, despite a rather low price, from full Eva, carbon, and aluminum fiberglass, as well as a two year warranty!

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