Present at Roland Garros, Thierry Omeyer, former goalkeeper of the French handball team, tells us about his new passion: padel.

“The stitches are very long”

“There are a lot of similarities with what I did when I was a handball goalkeeper, especially the volley reflexes. I enjoyed myself even if I have to work a little on my physical condition. The points are very long, there was a good level, it was a pleasure to play with the best players of padel French !"

"I have always played tennis in the summer to keep in good physical condition when there was a break in handball, and since I stopped I have discovered the padel where I have fun. It allows me to work on my condition, to maintain my reflexes, and to have a lot of fun with my friends!”

“Luka Karabatic has potential!”

“There are quite a few former handball players who have taken up padel : Jérôme Fernandez, Valentin Porte… It's a sport that also allows you to work on the support, which can be very useful for handball.

When he stops playing handball, I think Luka Karabatic, who has had a great career in tennis, will have a lot of potential. I played with him once, he has a good hand, I think it will be quite easy for him to get into it. He plays in the summer and I think he will be a very good player!”

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