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TOPADEL Internship

Passionate about padel, we wanted to create the 1st website to put in contact the players wishing to perfect their padel in Spain, with experienced coaches capable of teaching in foreign languages. This, in order not to make mistakes and succeed in your internship while adapting to everyone's availability. Therefore, at That's, there is no question of finding yourself in a course bringing together players from all walks of life with groups at heterogeneous levels. Or prepackaged formulas, dated in advance.

Our mission is to respond to those who want progress as much as possible in a minimum of time. On the dates and for the duration and the city that suits them!

Why choose ToPadel ?

In a rapidly expanding sport where many people are getting into coaching, it is sometimes difficult to sort it out… especially from a distance when you go abroad! Will the coach be good? Will we understand each other? What program should I do to progress given my current level?

>>> ToPadel is the only player in Europe to offer a network of recognized coaches, mainly in Spain, ready to receive you alone or in a group of friends for the duration of your choice. They have been carefully selected for their experience, their involvement during the lessons and their ability to transmit their knowledge in English and sometimes even in French! 

To help you with your project 

TOPADEL Internship

Coaches from World Padel Tour / Premier Padel join the adventure!

At the start of the adventure, our network of teachers was made up of former professional players, including a former world No. 1, team world champions, national team coaches, etc.

But the quality and seriousness of ToPadel was able to convince coaches officiating on the professional circuit World Padel Tour / Premier Padel. Some have therefore joined our network because they share with us the desire to develop learning and share their gaming culture with amateur but passionate players, who want the best tips and exercises to progress quickly! In 2023, we are working with the coaches of the world n°1 Ari Sanchez, of the French n°1 Alix Collombon, the coach of the brothers José and Javier Rico (26th and 29th WPT), of Barbara Las Heras (13th WPT), or Victoria Iglesias (11th WPT).

Key figures: More than 300 French, Belgian, Moroccan, Luxembourgish, Italian players… come with us every year.

Contact: 03 74 44 09 50 – contact.topadel@