The islands are of course part of France and and they are therefore logically on the program of this Tour de France. Réunion and Corsica offer padel and you must know it.

The padel is exported to more and more countries, and the islands are not forgotten by this development. The French territory is as large as it is extensive, and some of its islands also benefit from padel riding.

La Corsica this well-known island facing the Marseille coast, is an ideal vacation spot. Beaches, hikes and gastronomic routes enchant visitors. Sea, countryside or mountain, everything is there. She was subject to a few arguments over whether she should be independent or not. It managed to become Kingdom of Corsica from 1736 to 1740 before being taken by the Kingdom of France in 1769. An island which has a rich history which began from prehistoric times, passing through the Etruscans, then the Greeks, the Romans, the Italians of Pisa, the Corsicans themselves before finishing French.

La Reunion Island is found in the Indian Ocean. Not far from Madagascar and Mauritius, it is part of the Mascareignes archipelago. This island has only been inhabited since the XNUMXth century. Place of passage for the Indies, the French settled there for the culture of coffee, then sugar cane. Today the island is strongly turned towards tourism because its landscapes are unique in the world, shaped by the volcanic activity of one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, the Piton de la Fournaise. The numerous hikes, in particular towards the summit, the Piton des Neiges, or the beach activity are the perfect cocktail for an unforgettable vacation.

In these two islands, 3 clubs offer our sport for a total of 5 tracks. If any leads do not appear on this list, please let us know at

  • Ajaccio offers padel in the club AS Milelli. A tennis club but also a padel club with 1 outdoor track.

Contact : 04 95 23 23 44. More info click here.

  • The Padel Club de la Réunion or otherwise named Ekwalis, is located in the north of the island. This multi-sports club offers padel tennis with 2 outdoor tracks.

Contact : +262 262 91 09 16. More info click here.

  • 4Padel, the chain of padel clubs is located in the south of Reunion Island. This club offers 2 semi-indoor padel tracks.

Contact : +262 692 97 02 22. More info click here.

Julien Bondia

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