It is the last straight line of our Tour de France clubs of padel. Like any good event, it must end with dignity, in the capital, on the cobblestones of the Champs Elysées.

There you have it, the finish line is in sight. We have traveled thousands of kilometers across France, on the seaside, in the countryside or in the mountains. France is beautiful and deserves to be seen. Clubs padel bloom, the number of players increases and the future announces good things for this sport in the hexagon.

Paris. Who does not know this city that never sleeps. It is full of extraordinary monuments: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum, Versailles or even the Montmartre hill to name a few. This city is worth a stroll, get lost and discover, every day, unusual districts or places, some out of time. Its gastronomy, its activities and its culture make it “the place to be”.

And for the padel, Paris also offers more and more places. Indoor or outdoor, small or large structure, family or rather competition, there is something for everyone. Over a radius of several tens of kilometers, we found 28 clubs and 75 tracks.

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  • Evreux is the most distant club in Paris today. theALM Tennis Evreux is a municipal club that offers tennis and padel with 1 outdoor tracks.

Contact : 02 32 28 16 67. More info here.

  • Planet Snowshoes, south of Paris, in Vulaines-sur-Seine, is a complex that mixes tennis and padel. This center offers 2 covered slopes.

Contact : 06 83 94 52 13. More info here.

  • AS Mantaise in Mantes la Jolie is a tennis club with 14 courts, 2 beach tennis courts and 2 outdoor tracks. The club also offers a restaurant.

Contact : 01 34 77 07 00. More info here.

  • Cergy-Pontoise offers on its leisure island, 3 ski runs padel outdoors. An exceptional setting for the whole family.

Contact : 01 30 30 87 50. More info here.

  • West of Paris, le Padel Club Bois d´Arcy is one of the first clubs of padel to have settled in the region. It offers 2 badminton and 6 courts of padel indoor.

Contact : 09 54 72 18 43. More info here.

  • B14 Slipper in the south of Paris is a large sports center which mixes climbing, bowling, escape game, squash, badminton, 5 and 5-track football. padel including 1 single.

Contact : 01 81 85 05 60. More info here.

  • Wissous Tennis Club is a family club that offers tennis, squash, badminton, jockyball and padel with its 2 indoor tracks.

Contact : 01 60 11 65 68. More info here.

  • The Ozoir la Ferrière Tennis Club is a tennis club that offers its members the opportunity to practice padel on 1 outdoor track.

Contact : 01 60 02 75 14. More info here.

  • the 4PADEL Creteil, It is a club that has been able to ride the growth of padel by going from 2 fields to 5 ski runs padel indoor in a setting 4PADEL.

Contact : 06 80 61 24 67. More info here.

  • 4PADEL Champigny is a historic club for the group LE FIVE is a football club which offers in its activities padel indoor.

Contact : 01 47 06 64 85. More info here.

  • Tremblay Park in Champigny sur Marne offers 4 ski runs padel semi-covered.

Contact : 01 48 81 11 22. More info here.

  • Padel Horizon in Sucy-en-Brie is one of the pioneers, version 3.0 arrives with six padel, four squash and four badminton. All indoors.

Contact : 01 71 36 79 79. More info here.

  • Tennis Padel Club of Bailly le Noisy is located in a unique setting of 2 hectares. 14 tennis courts and 2 tennis courts padel outdoor.

Contact : 01 34 62 63 13. More info here.

  • Les Pyramides at Port Marly is a large sports center that offers 7 ski runs padel including 2 semi-indoor.

Contact : 01 34 80 34 80. More info here.

  • US Pecq Tennis Padel is an outdoor sports center with 2 ski runs padel.

Contact : 01 39 76 91 14. More info here.

  • The Tennis Club des Loges is located in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. On this unique site, this club offers 2 ski runs padel outdoor.

Contact : 01 34 51 44 01. More info here.

  • Le Plessis Bouchard Tc is a tennis club that also offers padel with 1 outdoor track.

Contact : 01 30 72 05 06. More info here.

  • The club the OSS Sannois offers 10 tennis courts, 7 squash halls, 2 badminton courts and 1 padel outdoor.

Contact : 01 34 10 98 42. More info here.

  • 4Padel Marville will be located at the Courneuve sports center. In addition to its football fields, the club will offer 5 padel indoor. It should open during the summer or next September at the latest.

Contact : 01 87 00 32 57. More info here.

  • Home Padel is the biggest club in padel of the region. Located in Saint-Denis, this center has a restaurant and 12 indoor tracks.

Contact : 01 84 21 49 00. More info here.

  • Forest Hill La Marche in Marne la Coquette is a 12 hectare club including football, tennis, gym and a number of activities including padel with its 2 indoor tracks.

Contact : 01 47 41 13 68. More info here.

  • Saint Ouen l'Aumône Club offers a land of padel outdoor lighted with 7 tennis courts, 2 of which are covered.

Contact : 01-30-37-10-72. More Info here.


Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife (Spain). Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his tutorials and tactical/technical articles padel.