Normandy is a magnificent region, with its two large cities, Rouen and Caen. Let's go on an adventure by following the clubs of padel.

Normandy contains a number of jewels which are worth a detour. From chalk cliffs to Omaha Beach via Mont Saint Michel or the port of Le Havre, this region is one of the jewels of France.

During our getaway, we will cross Caen, “the city of a hundred steeples”, and its many bookstores. Place of commemorations and memories of the Second World War, it is today a festive city considered as the cultural and intellectual capital of Normandy.

Between tasting oysters, cookies and salted butter caramels, we reach the city of Rouen.

Capital of Normandy, Rouen is a place steeped in history. Place of the last days of Joan of Arc, this medieval town developed thanks to maritime and river traffic. L’Echiquier, today the Palace of Justice, is the most emblematic building of the city alongside the imposing cathedral which is one of the tallest in Europe. Every 4 to 6 years, the city becomes the window of a large gathering of sailboats, the Armada of Rouen.

In these magnificent places, let's take the time to take our pala out of our bag to hit the ball in the 7 Norman clubs and their 13 pistes. If, however, certain clubs or tracks were missing from this list, please let us know at contact

  • The Bagnolais Tennis Club is located in Bagnoles de l´Orne in the south of the region. An imposing tennis club with its 12 tennis courts, the precursor of padel in Normandy with its track of padel indoor.

Contact : 02 33 37 98 53. More info here.

  • Indoor Soccer in Caen is a center close to Caen karting which brings together foot5 and padel. The club offers 2 tracks of padel indoors.

Contact : 02 31 82 36 81. More info here.

  • The Apple Orchard in Bieville-Beuville, north of Caen is a family club. This tennis club has been passed down from generation to generation. Today this place offers tennis, badminton and 3 tennis courts. padel indoors.

Contact : 02 31 44 31 54. More info here.

  • 4Padel Rouen is part of the chain of clubs of the same name. In Rouen, the center offers 2 ski runs padel indoors.

Contact : 02 35 36 58 48. More info here.

  • Padel Sand in Isneauville, north of Rouen, is one of the precursors of padel In the region. This club offers 2 tracks of padel indoor.

Contact : 07 82 85 78 82. More info here.

  • Evreux also offers padel with its outdoor track. It is within the warm club ofALM-Evreux Tennis and padel that enthusiasts meet.

Contact : 02 32 28 16 67. More info here.

  • Vernon Tennis Club is a municipal tennis club that has developed padel with its 2 outdoor tracks. Throughout the year, activities are offered for the enjoyment of subscribers.

Contact : 02 32 21 23 32. More info here.


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