latest Padel Tour, this new circuit centered on Spain which we have spoken to you about several times, is already a reality. In fact, a first tournament will be organized from February 10 to 18 in La Coruña, Galicia!

The Ultimate organizers Padel Tour wasted no time. Just a few weeks after revealing their plan to the whole world, they are already proposing a test which will be very packed.

Si some like Jon Sanz had declared that they wanted to focus only on competitions giving points for the FIP ranking, other very good players decided to participate in this opening tournament! And it may not be over: it is possible to register until Thursday noon.

For the moment, among the men, we find several players from the World Top 50, with pairs Belluati / Fernandez, Esbri / Rico, Bautista / Muñoz, Cardona / J.Ruiz or Lijo / Semmler who will make the trip. The legendary Miguel Lamperti will be there alongside his young partner Jimenez, as will the whimsical Tolito Aguirre, who teams up with his new teammate Gonzalo Alfonso.

For the girls, we have a Top 8 team registered, Jensen / Castello, in addition to solid pairs from the main draws of Premier Padel, like Talavan / Rodriguez, Navarro / Guinart or Caparros / Barrera.

As you can see, things are going to be hot in Galicia, and as we said in the introduction, we may not even be at the end of our surprises!

Note that at the moment no French people are registered.

Lists of registrants HERE.

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