New team competition of padel in Spain with the Spanish Cup of the autonomous leagues. The finals will take place in Valencia at the beginning of December.

The Spanish Cup of autonomous leagues is born

This is a team competition in which the champion teams of their regional leagues will participate in their highest categories in the final phase which is scheduled from November 29 to December 5 and which will take place at Valencia.

«Many regional federations have their own leagues and, for a long time, they have been asking for the possibility of having a test which would confront the best teams from each championship; and that's what we took care of ", has indicated Diego Gil, le responsible for the competition area of ​​the Spanish Federation of padel.

This new competition is not there to replace the events that already exist in the different leagues, it is a new competition managed and organized only by the Spanish Federation of padel, with its own regulations, which have been added to the 2021 FEP calendar.

The course

  • 4 female and male categories.
  • Minimum 4 teams to open the category in the league
  • No relegations or climbs at the end of the championship

Who can participate?

Players who have a license from the corresponding league.

Francois-Xavier Coninck

Belgian and Toulouse, it's possible! Passionate about NBA and Biathlon, I am also a drug addict padel. I organize tournaments, I teach. But what I like best about padel : these are the short crossed passings. What good croquettes !!