Pushed to their limits by locals Andersson and Sjolin in the second round of previas World Padel Tour Malmo Open, Martin Sanchez Piñeiro and Borja Yribarren (TS2), used a controversial strategy.

Indeed, while the Swedish pair were preparing to serve, Borja Yribarren came to position himself at the net, certainly anticipating a lob return from his partner. A way to perhaps save a little energy for the 44-year-old, or to disrupt the opponents…

Whatever the intentions of the native of La Coruña, the destabilization worked rather well since the Swede tried to shoot him, with a very powerful serve which ended up in the band. Not really to the taste of Martin Sanchez Piñeiro, who went to complain to the referee about his opponent's bad intentions.

A little disturbed, the chair judge considered that the veteran should not have placed himself in this way, which did not fail to provoke a reaction from the two men who rightly believe “that they can place themselves wherever they want it.”

So in your opinion, was Piñeiro right to complain that his opponent wanted to “turn on” his teammate, or should he admit that by positioning himself like this, Yribarren accepts the risk of being shot?

For those who would like to see or rewatch the entire match (won in three sets by the Spaniards), it's just below:

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