A t-shirt certainly has never so much talked about on the planet padel. Relieved to be able to take his revenge on Javi Garrido and Miguel Yanguas in Acapulco, Juan Lebron brandished his t-shirt to his opponents once the match was over.

A gesture which did not please some, but which visibly made Jorge Martinez and Ale Galan laugh (at least in hindsight).

Indeed, after the first set of the final won 6/0 by Tapia and Coello, Lebron changed his t-shirt, which generated a little mockery on the Andalusian bench. Martinez opened the hostilities with a little “You take off your t-shirt very early this time”, Galan adding “Wait a little. There’s still one set left.” Comments which show that the two men rather took the event with humor, but also that Galan did not really seem to believe in a third set this Sunday…

To see the sequence:

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