As we saw recently, the international circuit Premier Padel will offer three categories of tournaments in 2024: Major, P1 et P2, supplemented by a Final Master at the end of the year. At the same time, the FIP Tour, includes five categories: Platinum, Gold, Star, Rise et Promotion more the Cupra FIP Finals. And in France, you ask? Here is what we learn from competition guide for this year.

From P25 to P2000

In France, we will have seven categories of tournaments approved by the FFT: P25, P100, P250, P500, P1000, P1500 and P2000. Here's what you need to know:

Senior specifications
Senior specifications 2024

The points scale

Here is the points scale for each category:

Approval deadlines

As part of the organization of tournaments, the deadlines for submitting approval requests are important. For regional and departmental championships, whether in pairs or teams, these deadlines are left to the discretion of the leagues and organizing committees. Regarding tournaments, deadlines vary depending on the category:

  • For a tournament P 25, the request must be made at least 1 week before the first day of the competition.
  • For P 100, the deadline is 2 weeks.
  • For P 250, he's from 3 weeks.
  • For P 500, the deadline extends to 4 weeks.
  • And for the categories P 1000, P 1500 et P 2000, the application must be submitted 6 weeks before the start of the tournament.

If a club does not respect these deadlines, only the league concerned or the FFT, as the case may be, will have the power to decide whether or not to accept approval directly in the federal administrative database.

Probate rights

Concerning the management of approval rights, the latter are automatically debited from the account of organizing club once approval has been validated by the league or the FFT. It is important to note that it is the end date of the tournament who determines the year of approval.

For the year 2024, which extends from 1st September 2023 au August 31, 2024, the approval rights for tournaments of padel are fixed as follows:

  • They are free for tournaments exclusively young.
  • They are also free for pairs championships ou by teams.
  • For a "Internal Tournament“, the rights amount to 20 €. It should be noted that a club cannot organize only one internal tournament per sporting year, with events going up to the category P250.
  • For a tournament P25, the rights are 30 €.
  • For P100, they're from 40 €.
  • For P250, the amount is 50 €.
  • And for the categories P500, P1000, P1500 ou P2000, the registration fees are 60 €.

For more information, head to the Competition Guide:

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