With the disappearance of World Padel Tour, the FIP ranking becomes the standard. How will the distribution of points be organized? The answer below.

As we saw when the 2024 calendar, the circuit Premier Padel will offer three types of tournaments: Major, P1, P2. Three categories to which must be added a Master Final at the end of the season. Behind these high-level tournaments, the FIP Tour serves as a sort of second division. It has five categories: Platinum, Gold, Star, Rise and Promotion. Here again, an end-of-season tournament will reward the best pairs: the Cupra FIP Finals.

Premier Padel Major

The four most important tournaments of the season belong to this category. They will take place in Doha, Rome, Paris and Mexico. They will give 2000 points to the winners and 1200 to the finalists.

New for 2024, a bonus de 30 point is offered to those who beat a pair from the eight seeds among men at a Major.

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Premier Padel P1

These are the second most important tournaments, there will be 11 in 2024 and are comparable to the Opens of World Padel Tour from previous years, and offer 1000 points to the winners, and 600 to the finalists.

There is always a bonus in the men's draw for players beating one of the eight seeds, but this time they are 20 point which are allocated.

Premier Padel P2

Third category of tournaments Premier Padel, there will be nine P2s this year, and, according to our sources, will welcome the best players in the padel global. There will be 500 points to be won for the winners and 300 for their dolphins.

Here we also find a bonus, but this time they are only 15 point which are awarded, and only in the event of victory against one of the four seeds!

First Finals

The end of season tournament, which will take place in Barcelona, ​​will pit the sixteen best players for both men and women against each other. He will grant 1500 points to the winners.

FIP Platinum

These are the most prestigious tournaments of the Cupra FIP Tour. Each tournament gives 250 points to those who win it, and 150 to the finalists.

FIP Gold

Gold FIPs award half as many points as Platinum: 125 to the winners, 75 to the finalists.

IFJ Star

This is the third FIP category. She gives 62 points to those who lift the trophy, and 37 to those they beat in the final.

FIP Rise

The FIP Rise category is the penultimate of the FIP Tour. She gives 31 points to the winners and 18 to the finalists.

Fip Promotion

This is the very small category of FIP Tour tournaments. A winner of FIP Promotion wins 15 points, a finalist 9.

FIP Finals

The Cupra FIP Tour end-of-season tournament offers 185 points to the winners.

Find the details below:

new distribution of FIP points

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