This is the news that shake the planet padel for 24 hours. QSI and Nasser Al-Khelaifi want to secure the services of the best players in the World Padel Tour, starting this year. For this, a most attractive proposal has been formulated.

Nasser AlKhelaifi carraro circuit pro padel

A very interesting financial proposal

The best players in World Padel Tour have a exclusive contract with the circuit until the end of 2023. If we already knew that several players were in the starting blocks to try to recover them from 2024, the Qataris struck before everyone else.

A proposal was formulated to propose a circuit in collaboration with the FIP from 2022. And according to the document that we were able to obtain, QSI would have decided to put the package at the financial level in order to attract players from this year

For 2022, approximately 10 tournaments would be offered (on the spaces left free in the WPT calendar). It would be more or less the same in 2023, then in 2024, this circuit would become the main round, with about thirty dates distributed as follows:

  • 4 Grand Slams with a prize money of 525 000 € by tournament
  • 8 “1000s” with a prize money of 250 000 € by tournament
  • 12 “500s” with a prize money of 125 000 € by tournament
  • 1 Master with a prize money of 280 000 €
  • 1 worldwide by selections
  • 1 worldwide in pairs
  • 2 continental tournaments

In the proposal, it is recalled that tournaments that would be played in 2022 and 2023 would be awarded similar prize money. For the moment, we do not yet know how much the worlds and continental tournaments would award but they should also bring money to the players.

In addition, players would receive 10% of the prize money in the form of bonuses and pension plan, as well as 10% of the profits in the same form.

At the financial level, the conditions are very attractive since currently, the best endowed tournaments on the World Padel Tour, the Masters, award a prize of 101 euros for men.

Other guarantees for players

In view of the figures announced, it is therefore understandable that the players' association is particularly attentive to this proposal.

In addition, the new FIP/QSI alliance offers other interesting conditions, such as medical insurance for players, agreements with airlines and hotels… The matches would be aired on Bein Sports, and several tournaments could take place at the same time, in order to allow players to gain visibility.

Finally, a significant point in the eyes of the players is to be able, by associating with the FIP, to improve the possibilities of dialogue with the IOC and thus accelerate the arrival of the padel at the Olympic games.

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