There are two types of roughness for snowshoes Padelor she is incorporated directly into the mold or simply surface. The main difference is the lifetime roughness. 

Why use snowshoes padel rough?

With a rough pala, you will have more friction with the ball when hitting, which will improve spin. This will allow you to spin the ball more on your viboras, volleys or even by 3. In summary, each shot where you want to put the effect will be amplified.

It should also be taken into account that the roughness often increases the stiffness of the racket. This is a parameter not to be forgotten during your racket change.

Are there different types of roughness?

Indeed, there are several levels of roughness from one pala to another, but also different ways of making a pala rough.

We distinguish the roughness impregnated in the mold of the racket from that added via the layers that cover the pala.
We can see this difference, for example, between the Nox AT 10 Genius and the new Nox AT 10 Genius Arena.

On the AT10 Genius Arena, it is a silica paint which will hook the ball without adding stiffness to your pala, but which will have a limited lifespan.

AT10 Luxury Genius Arena Nox

In the case of the classic Genius, the roughness is included in the mold which will provide a little less effect, will add a little rigidity to the striking plane, and above all will improve the lifespan.

It's up to you to choose the option that suits you best!


Alexis Dutour

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