It's no secret the padel is growing rapidly in France. In 2024, it is more than 800 practice locations in France where to hit the ball. On the player side, we identify an augmentation of 40% in the number of practitioners in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Anybuddy, is a reservation channel for partner clubs to be visible to all leisure players who play pay-per-view sports! CSE, students, amateurs, experts, all players who want to hit the ball are targeted!

Anybuddy is also optimal visibility. The application monopolizes the first places in SEO referencing on racquet sport searches including the padel ! 

110 clubs padel associations or private have joined the Anybuddy adventure to optimize their filling rate effortlessly. So why not you ?

Anybuddy is it?

  • 400 players racket sports,
  • 1300 partner clubs in France,
  • 1,5M € of business volume in 2023 on the padel.
  • 150% growth in bookings padel from 2022 to 2023

Anybuddy, mode of operation

  • SEO by registering on the site Anybuddy
  • Free, fast and without obligation
  • Everything is automated: reservations, online payments, connected access controls
  • The ability to choose the slots available for Anybuddy

Anybuddy is a turnkey solution for your pitches padel.

This service responds to new modes of sports practice for leisure players:

  • sports à la carte and without commitment 
  • reservation of land in 3 clicks 
  • simple and automated access to land 
  • equipment reservation 7 days a week via rental lockers

Anbuddy faces strong demand from players, whether in private or associative structures. Faced with this, supply is not growing as fast as demand.

Anybuddy's booking platform model which allows you to find out which club has land available on a given date is real added value for players.

Anybuddy is constantly looking for new land offers to meet this growing demand.

You would like to learn more about the platform: 
Contact .

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