This is the latest rumor in the “transfer window” between the brands and players of padel : Lucho Capra, according to many observers, could join Wilson.

As he announced on his Instagram account, Lucho Capra leaves Siux after many years of collaboration. The Argentine player finds himself free or rather has certainly already signed with a brand but still has not said who it is. What if it was Wilson?

The American company is at the heart of the news for having reached an agreement with Premier Padel making it the official supplier of balls for the circuit financed by QSI.

Very committed to the padel, the Chicago firm sponsors, as you certainly know, a certain Fernando Belasteguin, who turns out to be Lucho Capra's new partner. Will the brand then want to create a 100% Wilson duo? As we know, companies generally appreciate being represented by a pair. And after having let slip Pablo Lijo, the global sports giant certainly has a small place in its team (which notably includes Marina Lobo and Alix Collombon) for a new player.

And to add to the rumor, it turns out that Lucho Capra already knows the house well, having worn shoes from the American company for several years in competition. So in your opinion, will the Capra / Bela pair be equipped by Wilson or not?

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