Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia strike a blow by winning the World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi Master at the expense of Lebron and Galan!

As with girls, seed 2 took the best of seed 1 in the men's category, and in straight sets please!

For their first tournament together, the players coached by Gustavo Pratto clearly responded. In this final, they were the first to strike, before the answer of the numbers 1 pushes the two pairs to the tie-break. And in this decisive game, the Hispano-Argentinian pair showed great mastery to take the lead.

Visibly dulled by the three straight-set matches they had to play in Abu Dhabi, Lebron and Galan looked inside today, committing fouls unusual for these two great champions. In the second moto, Arturo and Agustin were able to establish their dominance, perfectly taming the slow conditions of the late Emirati afternoon.

In the end, the seeded 2 won 7/6 6/3 and already won a first title. We will of course remember that Coello and Tapia will have won their very first tournament together, all without losing a single set!

So they will go to Doha full of confidence, and are already looking like a scarecrow. For their part, the players of Mariano Amat should arrive with the knife between their teeth and, we hope, not too blunt!

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