It was one of the big shocks of the first round of theAmsterdam Open and he saw Sanyo Gutiérrez and his nephew Agustin get the better of Momo Gonzalez and Javi Garrido.

Sanyo wins his first right diagonal with his former partner Momo. This is how we could summarize this meeting, won by the Argentinians 7/5 6/4. A success which allows the Gutiérrez to qualify for the round of XNUMX, where they will find Rafa Mendez and Javi Rico, winners of the latter's brother, José, and the one who now shares the track with him: Toni Bueno.

Note that in “the other meeting between former teammates”, it was the young Muñoz and Bautista who got the better of the older Lamperti and Diaz (6/4 6/4).

We also notice that the Gil / Moyano and Esbri / Campagnolo pairs, which illustrated in Sardinia, did not pass the first round in the Netherlands. Rather logical for Xisco and Ramiro, defeated 7/6 6/4 by Tello / Ruiz (TS5), less for Juanlu and Lucas who lost a big fight against Sanchez / Valdés (1/6 7/6 6/4).

The other surprise of the day comes from the lucky-losers Gala and Martinez who won against Ramirez / Garcia: 6/3 7/5.

Find all of Tuesday's results just below:

To follow the rest of the first round this Wednesday:

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