Coki Nieto and Martin Di Nenno did not achieve a new feat this Saturday, yielding in the semi-finals of the World Padel Tour Buenos Aires Master.

It's a new final that awaits the seeded n ° 3 Arturo Coello and Fernando Belasteguin, after a victory in two sets against Di Nenno / Nieto,  executioners yesterday of Sanyo / Tapia.

The start of the match was strange, with no less than four breaks in the first six games. But each team having twice stolen the opposing service, none managed to make the hole. Waiters weren't worried again until 5-5. But in the money time, Nieto found himself trailing 0/40 and gave up his entry. Coello then completed the set 7/5 at the first opportunity, in 58 minutes of play.

The start of the second set seemed to even out, but on the 5the game, it was Di Nenno's turn to lose his serve. And this time, Belasteguin and Coello have tightened all the bolts so as not to let their opponents come back to score. It was Belasteguin who took charge, without trembling, of ruining the last hopes of the young Spanish-Argentine pair, after 1h48 of a controlled fight.

Final score: 7/5 6/4.

Coello and Bela will find in the final the pair that will emerge as winners of the other half, opposing Galan / Lebron to Chingotto / Tello.

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