Great performance by Léa Godallier and Teresa Navarro at the World Padel Tour Danish Open. The Frenchwoman and her partner eliminate the pair n°9 of the circuit: Amatriain/Navarro!

This is the first little surprise of the day in Copenhagen: Léa Godallier and Teresa Navarro offer themselves Eli Amatriain and Carolina Navarro! If we knew the Franco-Spanish pair capable of fighting with these players from the Top 20, we did not necessarily think that it could impose itself so quickly: 6/4 6/2!

Thanks to this great success, the native of Tahiti and her partner will face Thursday Patty Llaguno and Virginia Riera, finalists of the last Belgium Open.

Léa is now the only tricolor still in contention among the ladies, Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello having been dominated by Bea Caldera and Carmen Goenaga in a big fight: 6/2 5/7 1/6.

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