At the end of last season, the World Padel Tour bowed out, leaving the Premier Padel become the only reference circuit of the padel global. But while players have been dreaming of a unified ranking for years now, new initiatives are being added to those already existing…

The UPT is stepping into the breach!

We thought we were heading towards a FIP Tour duality – Premier Padel / A1 Padel in 2024, but that will not be the case. In fact, a few weeks ago, the Ultimate Padel Tour has emerged from the ground, and this circuit, aimed at filling a certain void in Spain, is already a reality. The first tournament is currently being played in La Coruña, and it has attracted players from the Top 30 for men, and even players from the Top 10 for women. For the moment, the UPT is not necessarily trying the very best, but you never know what could happen in the future. Especially since this circuit is intended to be completely free: it allows players to participate in the events they wish. Obviously some are already won over, Teo Zapata telling us in an interview all the good things he thinks about the organization of the first stage.

Even young people are interested

It's undeniable, players are of increasing interest to investors. We saw this recently with the Hexagon Cup and Reserve Cup, where the biggest stars of our sport were present.

Even the youngest are on the rise. If Fabrice Pastor has always focused on the future talents of padel and he continues to do so with the Fabrice Pastor Cup and even A1 Padel, the Monegasque businessman is no longer the only one. The UPT announced to offer an end-of-year bonus to the best young people, the Hexagon Cup included a “Next Gen” category, and Lisandro Borges also announced at the end of last year the creation of a tournament called… Next Gen, also focused on the promises of this sport.

Gala Jensen wins Hexagon Cup 2024

New initiatives in the future?

You understood it, if the Premier Padel can currently boast of being the only one to attract the very best players in the world throughout the year, it must at least partially share the stage with other organizations.

And who tells us that the Hexagon Cup or the Reserve Cup won't be small? To make matters worse, many Internet users have noticed for several weeks that the WPT Instagram page was still very active. What sign should we see there?

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