You were wondering who was going to play Juan Martin Diaz next season, it's now official, it would be with Agustin Gutierrez, Sanyo's nephew. It is neither more nor less than the 4th announcement of the day on the WPT !

Despite his 46 years, Juan Martin Diaz is still not ready to hang up his pala. The one who is still 25th in the WPT standings has left for a round, to the delight of his fans!

It will be alongside Argentinian Agustin Gutierrez that the former world number 1 will start the season. Sanyo's 23-year-old nephew is still a player in the making, who will be able to fully benefit from JMD's experience. 44th in the ranking, he is capable of very good things as he demonstrated during the last WPT Buenos Aires Master. His speed and significant ground coverage certainly appealed to Juan Martin. The player from Mar Del Plata whose reflexes and vista remain intact, should fully benefit from the footwork of his new partner!

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