Another defeat in the first round for Léa Godallier and Teresa Navarro who lost in three sets against Lorena Rufo (32) and Carla Mesa (21) at the World Padel Tour Madrid Master.

Teresa Navarro and Léa Godallier did not start as favorites against these two players who overtake them in the standings. However, after a one-sided first set for the Spaniards, the Frenchwoman and her partner began to level with their opponents. Sharper at the end of the second set, they even managed to pick up a round everywhere.

But in the last act, Mesa and Rufo moved up a gear, getting their hands on the game to conclude in 2:11 of play.

This setback 2/6 7/6 3/6 plunges the Franco-Spanish pair into doubt, she who for the seventh consecutive time fails to pass a round of the main draw on the Open and Master of the WPT…

On the tricolor side, there is therefore only Alix Collombon left among the girls in the Spanish capital. The Lyonnaise is currently facing Bidahorria / Fernandez with Jessica Castello. A meeting whose progress you can follow via the Marker.

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