Relive the best video moments of the victory of Sanyo Gutierrez and Fernando Belasteguin in the final of the World Padel Tour Adeslas Madrid Open 2021!

For their first tournament of World Padel Tour together, Sanyo and Bela win in the final to the detriment of Alex Ruiz and Franco Stupaczuk. A mental victory for the Argentinian pair who used all their experience and tactical intelligence. These two legends of this sport were particularly moved at the end of the meeting.

If they were tactically dominated by Bela and Sanyo, Stupa and Ruiz need not be ashamed of their performance. Carlos Pozzoni's players will have achieved a very big first tournament together. They prove that we will have to rely on them and in general the fight promises to be more fierce than ever this year on the WPT.

We will have attended an exceptional tournament for the resumption of the “best padel of the world". We will now have to wait a week before the start of the next one, the Alicante Open. Eliminated in quarterfinals in Madrid, Ale Galan / Juan Lebron and Federico Chingotto / Juan Tello should arrive with a knife between their teeth. The pairs Stupa / Ruiz and Coello / Lamperti will they confirm their good debut? Answer within ten days. We can not wait!

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