Veronica Virseda can be happy about one thing: the fight for the Master Final takes place on the slopes of padel and not on a ping-pong table. No more teasing, the native of Toledo, 17th in the Race, is only 45 points behind the Alayeto twins, tied for 15th place.

Thus, she has to go one more round than Mapi and Majo to get a ticket for the Master Final and therefore deprive one of the two sisters of the “Masters tournament”. This would of course be a hard blow for Sebastian Nerone's players who want to finish their superb career together at Palau Sant Jordi.

Everything will be decided in Mexico next week. Virseda and her partner Jensen face Teresa Navarro and Marta Caparros in the first round as in Malmö. In Sweden, the 7th seed did not make any details with a 6/0 6/0 victory… If all goes well, Veronica and Claudia should therefore be present in the second round. Behind them could find Carolina Orsi and Carla Mesa, before a probable quarter-final against Araujo / Salazar (TS4).

For their part, the twins could have a dangerous round of 1 against Patty Llaguno and Lucia Sainz, before a possible quarter against Josemaria / Sanchez (TSXNUMX).

On paper, the draw seems more favorable to Veronica Virseda, but let's not underestimate the two great champions, Mapi and Majo.

Note that everything is not over for Patty Llaguno, who is 445 points behind the twins, but she will have to at least make it to the final to hope to qualify. It still seems quite complicated given the recent results of the Llaguno / Sainz pair…

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