Discover the tables of the last tournament of the regular season of World Padel Tour : the Mexico Open 1000.

All players except the sixteen best in the Race will compete in Mexico in the last WPT tournament of their career. Indeed, in 2024, the circuit which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year will be absorbed by the Premier Padel. Many will therefore want to end on a good note in the country where our sport was invented.

Among the men, the fight for first place could still be on. Coello and Tapia, who have Lebron and Galan in their part of the table, will start against Chozas and Capra, while Stupa and Di Nenno will face a pair from the previous, Gil/Sager.

Among the most interesting matches of the first round, we think of Diestro / Leal vs Nieto / Sanz, or even Tello / A.Ruiz vs Bergamini / V.Ruiz.

Among the ladies, the number 1 place was already locked by Sanchez / Josemaria a little while ago, but we will still have to watch the fight for the Master Final. We could also be entitled to a very interesting second round between veterans: Alayeto / Alayeto vs Llaguno / Sainz. Will the twins, who will retire at the end of the season, be able to maintain their lead in the Race?

On the French side, we will follow the first round between Collombon / Rufo and the association specially formed for the tournament: Carolina Navarro / Marina Lobo.

In all likelihood, given the recent announcements, Léa Godallier and Martina Fassio will not be there.

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