We keep repeating it: the padel professional is in the midst of change with young players taking power and older players gradually being pushed out.

This year clearly marks a turning point in the landscape of padel professional with the retirements of Pablo Lima, Juan Martin Diaz, Juani Mieres, Eli Amatriain, and the Alayeto twins. And we observe this upheaval until the Master Final. Indeed, the competition which brings together the sixteen best players of the season will be contested this year without two emblematic representatives of our sport: Fernando Belasteguin and Maxi Sanchez. A first for the two players, who have participated in all previous editions of this “masters tournament”.

It was all the more annoying as the two men, injured during the last tournaments, were not able to fully defend their chances. They finished respectively in 18th and 25th place in the Race and will therefore follow the competition at home. A hard blow for these two legends but especially for Bela, who was still sixteenth when he was forced to take a break to treat his elbow.

The Argentinian will always be able cheering on his teammate Miguel Yanguas, who will team up with his former partner, Sanyo Gutiérrez. Waiting to find the Top 16 next season?

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