We will be treated to a big match from the start of the World Padel Tour Mexico Open which will take place from November 20 to 26. A match with all the more at stake as the race for the Master Final in Barcelona rages on, with 345 point separating Coki Nieto et José Diestro in the ranking.

Indeed, if José Diestro (18ème ; 3030 points) and Javi Leal (39ème) bring down the number 7 seed, it's a good deal for Diestro, who could, if this performance calls for two more, beat Nieto to the post.


On the other hand, if Coki Nieto (16th in the Race, last qualified) and Jon Sanz (10th to Race) win in this first round, Nieto will be able to secure his place a little more for the Master Final in Barcelona.

Recall that Gonzalo Rubio (19th; 2.869 pts) I fight Capra (20th; 2.840 pts), Pincho Fernández; (21st; 2.790 pts) Lucas Campagnolo (22nd; 2.655 pts), Leo Augsburger (23rd; 2.635 pts) and Agustín Gutiérrez (25th; 2.495 pts) can still mathematically qualify, but are forced to perform feats to achieve this.

Gonzalo Rubio (), Lucho Capra (2.840 pts), Pincho Fernández (2.790 pts), Lucas Campagnolo (2.655 pts), Leo Augsburger (2.635 pts) and Agustín Gutiérrez (2.495 pts)

Coki is therefore well on his way to playing the Master Final, but he and Sanz had better not miss each other in Mexico to avoid a few sleepless nights in Madrid!

As a reminder, here are the points that players can earn in an Open.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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