Big novelty at the World Padel Tour: the “Punto de Oro”, that is to say the golden point or the NO AD arrives from the Master of Marbella!

At the World Padel Tour, we love change! After the new carpets, introduced 3 years ago, the WPT launches this year the "punto de oro", what is called in France the No-ad. According to the Director General of the World Padel Tour, Mario Hernando, this innovation is in line with the previous changes, the aim of which is to "make the game more dynamic and more attractive to spectators and viewers".

This measure, which is part of the contract between the players and the organization, signed over a year ago, will take effect when Master of Marbella, and will apply to all WPT and FIP competitions. It goes completely against the grain of what is done in France, where the FFT has decided to withdraw No-ad from its competitions, especially because it did not please the players!

The pairs competing in the WPT and who were not aware of this change will therefore have a little more than a month to get used to the fact that now, at 40 A, the returning team will have to choose a catcher and they will fight for a decisive point ...

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