Our colleagues fromPadel Analistas share a story that we hear a lot at the moment, the possibility of an association between Franco Stupaczuk and Alex Ruiz.

This is of course only a rumor for the moment, but in the event of separation between Sanyo and Stupa, Franco Stupaczuk could team up with Alex Ruiz.

18th to World Padel Tour, the Andalusian Ruiz is a left-handed 1m with aggressive play. The quality of finisher of this 87-year-old player could very well suit Franco Stupaczuk, defender and tireless worker, but who sometimes lacks a bit of power to conclude. In any case, this is the second rumor associating Stupa with a left-hander ... If this one is not confirmed, the next one would perhaps put it with Arturo Coello ...

Former partner of Martin Sanchez Piñeiro, Alex Ruiz has recently formed an interesting association with Pablo Lijo, but the possibility of teaming up with a player of the standing of Stupaczuk could obviously appeal to him.

If we are to believe all the information we are hearing at the moment, we would therefore already have three new pairs in 2021: Bela / Sanyo, Lima / Tapia, and therefore Stupa / Ruiz. It remains to be seen with whom Paquito Navarro could team up. Remember that Alex Ruiz is part of Ramiro Choya's training group… coach of… Paquito!


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