It is in a interview given to our colleagues from the newspaper Olé that Miguel Lamperti lingered for a moment on the Juan Lebron case. Remember that a few years ago the Argentinian had known and suffered from the unfailing domination of a legendary pair composed of Bela and JM Diaz. Asked about a possible remake of the situation in the coming seasons, Lamperti confided in a player who for him is totally out of the lot…

Miguel Lamperti under the spell of Lebron

“Honestly for me the player who is below all on the circuit is Juan Lebron. He can play on the right as well as on the left with the same level of play. And I even think that he would be even better if he played on the left. I have never seen such a player. Now everything depends on him if he wants to mark his time. It won't be easy but I think he can stay number 1 for as long as he wants and on any side of the track. It is just my humble opinion. There are several phenomena like Alejandro Galan or Paquito Navarro but Juan has something more. He is different."

Juan lebron

Miguel Yanguas admiring his compatriot

But the native of Bahia Blanca is not the only professional player to admire the Andalusian prodigy.

Indeed in another interview granted to the same magazine, it was another player who made very complimentary comments about El Lobo. This player is Miguel Yanguas.
The Spaniard and the Argentine, in addition to having shared the track together some time ago, also seem to share the same point of view regarding the world number 1. Here are the words of Yanguas: “Lebron is the best player in the world on both sides of the track. When he's confident, he's unstoppable."

And you, do you also think that Juan Lebron is currently the best player in the world?

Sebastien Carrasco

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