After having had a very good season, marked by 5 victories in P1000, Yanis Muesser looked back on his year and his projects during the Interclubs 2023, which he disputed with the 4Padel Strasbourg.

5 P1000 won in 2023!

“I had never won a P1000 before this year. It started very strong in Strasbourg, at home, for the first tournament of the year. Behind, I won two other P1000s with Simon (Wagner) and two with Jérémy Garcia. The other point is the French Championships in which we were not supposed to participate and where we finished in eleventh place. Above all, we managed to compete in a set with Bastien Blanqué and Thomas Leygue so that’s very positive. The negative point is Simon and I have been a little irregular over the season, we haven't really managed to confirm our good results each time.”

Defense work that pays

“Like any tennis player, I really have to work and adapt to become a real tennis player. padel. When I started the padel, I had very good offensive qualities, particularly with the smash hit. And since I was pretty good at doubles tennis, I was also comfortable on volleys. The other side of the coin is that I had big gaps in defense.

This year I was able to train more, make more baskets, and that allowed me to gain confidence at the baseline. There is still a lot of work left but I think I have made up part of my gap with the best French players. This did not necessarily translate into rankings, but it was also a special year because I had to submit my Master’s thesis from a business school.”

“Next year I will take my TFP and I would like to go abroad a little during the weekends. I haven't had the opportunity to go to Spain yet but with my new schedule I will be able to gain experience abroad.”

“We made the Interclubs doubt the number 1 seed”

“We were seeded 7, we finished in sixth place. The objective was to finish fifth, but given the draw and the level of the teams, we are very happy with this result. On the pitch we achieved some great things, we were able to do more than doubt the number 1 seed, we led 1 match to 0 and 1 set to 0 in the second match…”

“There was a really great atmosphere. Team matches, I already loved that in tennis but here padel it was really great. It was very well organized, in a club that exudes padel, everyone played the game so it really allows us to finish the season well. In the team of 4Padel Strasbourg we know each other well, we were able to mix the pairs and even integrate Albano Olivetti, who achieved incredible performances, it was really a plus!”

“The only slight frustration I have concerns my personal performance. I was a little inside and I wasn't necessarily able to play my game to the fullest. The team was able to recover me, pull me up, it’s great to have friends to make up for it!”

The end of the Muesser / Wagner pair…

“After passing the TFP, I would like to train thoroughly, and try to do one internship per month abroad, particularly in Spain.

Normally Simon and I will stop playing together. We want to gain experience each on our own, even if we don't rule out playing a few tournaments together or forming a pair again in the future. But for the moment we want to progress individually, find partners who are a little more in place tactically. Basically trying to find experience in another player. Try to find a permanent partner to play the P2000, the P1500 and a few P1000 and then go to the FIP in April to gain experience on the international circuit.”

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