Le By 3 is a goal for most of the amateur players. Make like the pros taking the ball off the track with a smash is enjoyable. Here is 3 tips who can help you.
Not taking a ball off the track with a par 3 doesn't mean you are a bad padel. The most important thing is to play with Products et precision.
Of course you will have chances for a smash but don't be insistent in wanting to hit the ball every time, take your time. On the other hand, when you have the possibility and if the result is in your favor, go ahead and try your luck.

The catch

Making a par 3 can be done with 2 types of holds. The most common is the continental or hammer. This is the basis. This grip is best suited for par 3 close to the net. The further away you get from the net, the more spin you will need to create, and it is with a backhand grip that you will give the ball more bounce.

The effect

Imagine that the ball has a camera. When preparing to spike, either the impact will be close to the net or far away. Capture the vision of the ball when it is close to the net: it overlooks the opposing field. On the other hand, the further it will be from the net, the less track it will see.

So your effect will have to be different depending on the distance from the net you are; more flat, closer to the opponents and more topspin away from the opponents.

Then it is important to understand that it is not only the power that allows the ball to come out.

The technique, the place of impact on the bottom glass and the place of the rebound close to the net or close to the bottom glass are elements to be highlighted.

Watch out for right-handed people on the right. You can take out the ball by 3 in 2 ways: either parallel by putting topspin effect, or crossed by hitting flat. A topspin crossover smash is unlikely to come out.

The height

Necessarily. As mentioned above, the higher you impact the ball, the easier it will be for you to take it out.

You are tall ? Good for you. Are you shorter? Nothing is lost but you will have to work on the topspin effect and especially the precision so that you hit the mark on each attempt.

Go to work. Take the time to learn the correct technique of the smash, learn to place the ball and above all work on hurting after each stroke. A ball that does not go off the track may end its course against the grid and earn you the point. A point is a point.

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife. He is the founder of AvantagePadel.net, a software very popular with clubs and players of padel. Columnist and advisor, he helps you to play better through his many tutorials padel.