Le equipment de padel can be diverse and varied, and can also be complex when one takes a close interest in snowshoes.

The ball

Contrary to what one might think, the ball of padel is slightly different from that of tennis. This should be uniform in color, yellow or white. Its diameter should measure 6,35 to 6,77 cm. Its weight should be between 56 and 59,4 g. Pressure is also a factor to consider on the difference between these two balls. The pressure of the balls padel is less important which will function as slow down the game.


Au padel, there are a multitude of racket brands and technologies giving rise to very diverse styles of play. The main things to consider in understanding the basics of how a racquet works are: its shape, weight and foam used.

The shape of the racket

There are 3 forms of racket: round, teardrop and diamond.

  • The round shape is recommended for all players who are primarily looking for handling. The balance is mainly found at the bottom of the racket which gives a pleasant feeling of control. Beginners are always advised to start with a round pala.
  • The teardrop shape is suitable for players looking for versatility. The weight distributed more centrally of the racket offers a mix between power and control. It is currently the best-selling type of racquet on the market.
  • The diamond shape is mainly intended for players who already have a good experience and who do not have joint problems. These are often the snowshoes the most powerful, the weight being generally distributed in the head. This type of racket is not recommended when starting the padel.

Snowshoe foam

There are two main types of foam for snowshoes. The foam EVA and FOAM (or a mix of both)

your shape of urethane padel

  • EVA foams are the densest and most resistant, we can find various varieties thickness and density. There exists a “Rigidity scale” concerning these foams. They bring more precision and power for experienced players, however in terms of ball touch and feel, they can feel a bit stiff and provide less comfort.
  • FOAM foam (polyethylene foam) is more flexible because it has more air in its composition. If we were to image the functioning of this foam, we would see a deformation of it, like a sponge that will absorb the energy of the ball and then release it. FOAM has more interesting elastic properties than EVA and makes it possible to obtain extra bale output and vibration absorption. On the other hand, the life of this foam is less important.

The weight, the frame, the sides ...

While foam and the shape of the pala are of great importance, these are not the only two parameters to consider when buying a racquet. The material from which the frame is made will depend on the strength and stability of a pala, today there are many carbon frames. The faces will be responsible for the touch of the racket. The fiberglass will give you flexibility, the carbon more rigidity and therefore power.

Other elements will have their influence, such as the glues used to assemble the materials together, the paint and the finishing varnish, the anti-vibration systems. It is therefore important to pay attention to everything when making your choice, and also to the pala weight. In short, the heavier it is, the more power you have, the lighter it will be, the more maneuverable it will be.


The shoes

In the same way as balls, the shoes of padel are very similar to those of tennis. However, if we analyze the two practices more deeply we see that the padel is a sport that favors moving back and forth whereas tennis is played more horizontally or laterally. Therefore the structure of the shoe padel differs from that of tennis. Lateral movements, more frequent in tennis, require a more solid type of shoe. Shoes from padel are therefore generally lighter and more flexible.

Apart from the aspects of comfort on the width of the shoe, stability and flexibility, grip is surely one of the fundamental points of the quality of a good shoe of padel. If the player does not have a sole that adheres and offers good support, it will be impossible for him to be in balance on each of his technical shots.


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Alexandre Cifuentes studies economics. He decided to intervene on the business of padel and in the sports market in general. It allows us to know about the padel in its entirety.